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Why You Should Apply Anti-Slip Tape to Stairs

An Overview

Anti-slip tape increases the traction on a surface, and its design with the industrial-length liner makes it durable.

It is available in many textures, colors, shapes, and widths and is applicable in all materials.

image - Why You Should Apply Anti-Slip Tape to Stairs
Why You Should Apply Anti-Slip Tape to Stairs

Anti-slip tape is available at an affordable fee and is commonly used for staircases in schools and public areas to reduce the dangers of a slippery floor.

It is recommendable to purchase grip tape for your stairs ready to fit.

The Procedure for Grip Tape Installation in Your Stairs

Use a degreasing detergent for concrete, painted, and wood stairs or degreasing solvent on metal stairs to clean the stairs thoroughly.

Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you can apply a stripping compound for stairs with a strippable finish.

Remember to scrape off the old finish with a scraper.

Use a wet sponge to rinse the stairs and allow them to dry completely. On areas, you intend to apply the tape paint, apply a strip of primer and leave it to dry.

Ensure you lay a strip of anti-slip tape ½ inch from the edge of the stair and across a step.

Peel back the first two inches of the backing by lifting one strip.  Press the tape firmly onto the stair and take care not to touch the adhesive.

Press the tape down, peel off the next few inches of the backing and lift the strip.

Use a rubber hand roller to roll over the stairs. Repeat the procedure for the other stairs.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Grip Tape for Your Stairs


You can select from the extensive collection of grip tapes that come in different colors to suit users with different tastes and preferences.

Alternatively, you can blend a color theme that aligns with your personality by employing creativity.


The surface area you want to cover in your backyard can help consider the size of grip tape you will purchase.

You can save some extra bucks by buying some brands that come in multiple sheets.


Grip tapes range in thickness and your selection will depend on the use.

A thin grip tape can be more flexible than thick ones; however, it might not be long-lasting.


You don’t require expertise to train you to use and apply an ideal grip tape.

Beginners and experts can use a grip tape with ease because it requires no special training.

A quality anti-slip tape offers you an efficient and economical way to enhance safety in different locations.

It is applicable to various structures such as an industrial park, swimming pool, and along pathways.


A quality grip tape can provide you better performance by serving you for a long.

A stickier tape is easier to use because it doesn’t tear and is less likely to bubble.


The risk of injuries reduces when you install grip tape providing a safe environment for your children, family members, and pets.


The high-quality material used in grip tape is resistant to wear and tear if you employ proper maintenance after installation.

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