More and more people are choosing to retire from their jobs or careers earlier, in the past people usually retired at about sixty years old, when one is considered as a senior citizen.

Nowadays, most retire at fifty-five years old saying that they want to be able to physically enjoy their retirement, hence they are often called active retirees.

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Living in Vegas 55+ Communities

These are retirees who can still live independently and pursue active outdoor activities. Retiring at this age allows them to go back and pursue the things that they love to do and hobbies that got in the way of parenting and working two or more jobs.

Thus, it is no wonder that retirement communities specifically designed for active retirees are becoming popular nowadays like Vegas 55+ communities.

Although still physically active, those who retire early do have specific needs in a community that they want to live in, and this is precisely the niche that Vegas 55+ communities provide.

The 55+ communities have a very specific age requirement and certain rules about visiting grandchildren and having children as permanent residents with retirees.

For one, you will not be allowed to own a home in these communities if you are not at least fifty-five years old.

So, if you are at this age, and you are thinking about retiring soon, then you should buy a home in any of the thirty locations of 55+ communities in Las Vegas.

As an active retiree, these communities offer many amenities that will help you pursue the activities that you love to do, as well as get to live in a community where everyone is in the same age range, with similar interests, hobbies, backgrounds, and even beliefs.

Moreover, living in this kind of community will be comfortable, easy and stress-free and you can make new friends or just enjoy being alone.

What Are the Benefits of Living in Vegas 55+ Communities?

Living in a Vegas 55+ community offers a lot of benefits and improvements from your previous home.

Retirement is more about rediscovering yourself, having time for yourself and the passions that you want to pursue may it be golf, hiking, swimming, tennis, reading, gardening, or entertaining.

You do not need to be having to think about maintaining the house and yard, it is a time to relax, destress and think more about living a happy and good life.

Thus, when you live in this kind of community, the HOA fees include maintenance fees of your homes and even yard that you do not need to bother yourself about it.

You can be assured that your home’s exteriors will always look brand new and your yard will always be impeccably well maintained.

Also, the community is fully gated and guards are always there to monitor and check who comes in and out of the community.

You will feel safe and secure knowing that there are guards to protect you and your homes from unsavory characters.

You know that you will love living in a community where you will always feel safe and where your privacy is protected at all costs.

Then you get so many amenities in this community, there seems to be something for everyone, there are gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts, golf course, hiking trails, and common areas where you can interact with your neighbors such as BBQ station, library, conference halls, outdoor kitchen, and a park.

You will have many activities on a given day and you will never feel bored or have anything to do. Aside from the amenities, the said communities are always located near shops, restaurants, casinos, movie theaters, and malls so that you will not feel like you are living far from civilization.

More importantly, the homes in Vegas 55+ communities are built to last and can be yours forever home.

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Why Choose Vegas 55+ Communities?

Las Vegas has become a very popular destination for active retirees such as those who live in Vegas 55+ communities and even those who are well on their years and need to live in an assisted facility.

It probably is due to the warm climate in Las Vegas, it is warm all year round, and the retirees would not have to contend with the cold or wet weather which is very cumbersome for retirees and older people.

Also, Las Vegas is like the entertainment capital of the country where there are always new shows, new sports events, many celebrities do their shows in Vegas and there are so many things to do and see that you will never get bored.

Even if you are more of the quiet or loner type, you will probably love the peace in this gated community.

You do not need to go out and enjoy group activities if that is not your thing, you can take advantage of the scenic views and hiking trails, and even just lounging in your backyard will make you want to buy a home here.

How to Contact Vegas 55+ Communities?

If you are curious and thinking about buying a home in Vegas 55+ communities, and want to know more, then you can call up your real estate agent and inquire about the listings for the said community.

There are over 30 locations in Las Vegas where you can find 55+ communities, so you need to figure out which location you would love to live in, the communities are scattered across Las Vegas, there are mountain views, lake houses, ranches, and even those located near a city center.

The prices and amenities would depend on the location of the community, you can choose as little or as many as you want.

You need to check the HOA fees too, the more amenities there are in a given community, the higher the HOA fees will be.

You can contact 55+ communities’ sales representatives and discuss with them the specific terms of the property and the prequalifying rules even before you decide on anything so you would know what you are getting into upfront.

It is a good idea to make a list of the questions you want to ask or be clarified so you can ask them when you meet with the real estate agent.