You have an empty house or apartment, and you want to rent it out to earn extra income. Certainly, feeling anxious is inevitable for a variety of reasons. By asking tenants the following 10 questions

If the tenant gives only vague, sketchy, and vague answers, you can take this as a sign they’re not the right person.

image - Are you Going to Rent out your Apartment? Let Ask Tenants These 10 Things

Are you Going to Rent out your Apartment? Let Ask Tenants These 10 Things

You will be entrusting the property to them so you should learn to make sure it is not ‘mistreated’ and that you are paid on time and in full.

In addition, these questions can be used to evaluate tenants and find the right person for your apartment, saving you a lot of time, money, and stress later on.

Question 1: Why did you Move the Apartment?

This is a natural question and is often asked in this case, it can help you identify possible problems.

If they are evicted or get into an argument with a neighbor or previous apartment owner, this is also a matter of concern.

Common reasons include having a baby soon, changing jobs, or looking for a bigger place.

Question 2. What kind of Work are you Doing?

The most important thing to know is whether the potential tenant can afford to pay the rent. Learning about their source of income will tell you more about this.

You can continue by asking how long they’ve been working now – telling you about job stability. You can learn more at the negotiation stage.

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Question 3. How Much Money do you Earn?

This question helps you to know their ability to pay rent. A general rule of thumb is that a tenant should earn 2.5 months’ rent each month – but it’s important to look at the aggregate figure if there’s more than one tenant.

Usually, some tenants will use a monthly rental reminder tool like Zillow, Rentapartment Agency, Trulia.

Question 4. Do you have Credit or Other Expenses?

While a potential tenant’s income can give you an overview of your ability to pay rent, other debts can preoccupy them and keep them from paying their rent on time.

It’s not fair to assume that, but large debts also indicate financial difficulties.

Question 5. Can you Provide a Review and Comment from the Previous Apartment Owner and Manager?

Reviews are a great way to determine if a potential tenant is trustworthy. It’s easy to lie when asked if you’ve ever been late to work or pay your rent late, so it’s best to ask people you’ve come in contact with like a previous owner or manager.

If they’re reluctant to comment or apologize, they’re hiding something.

Question 6. How many People do Will Share the Apartment?

This sentence tells you about the living situation and how many people will live in your apartment in Feliz En Vista.

Usually, 2 people per room are the best option you should consider, but it’s up to you. The more people the more complicated and the more damage possible!

Question 7. Do you have Pets?

You shouldn’t turn a potential tenant down because of pets, but it can also pose potential dangers.

That’s not always the case, but pets can obviously bite through furniture or make an apartment more cluttered, especially the big ones.

Question 8. Have you ever had your Lease Terminated Early?

Another thing to be concerned about is previous “fires”. If a person has been fired before, you should thoroughly investigate the matter.

Of course, in some cases, this does not mean that this tenant is unreliable, but you still need to consider it.

Question 9. When do you want to move in?

This question can help you see if this tenant is reasonable and trustworthy. Most rental properties require 30 days’ notice before leaving, so if someone wants to move in right away, they may have waited until close to the expiration date to find them, thus may not be able to arrange everything.

rational and scientific. However, if a tenant is looking to move out of their parent’s apartment, from abroad or their own previous apartment, wanting to move out right away may be out of the question and may be considered.

Question 10. Do you Have any Questions?

You asked a lot, so let the tenants ask what they want to know. You can decide they’re a good fit, but they also want to clarify and ask a few questions before moving in.

This will also help them decide if you are a good landlord and if the property is right for them.