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Your Bathroom Needs an Upgrade? Check These 8 Signs

People spend a considerable time in the bathroom, from dressing up for work to freshening up after a hectic day to getting ready for bedtime.

Therefore, this room should be to one’s liking and convenient for quick touch-ups.

However, over time, it loses its pleasant nature, and the space no more stays clutter-free. That’s when a homeowner plans for a bathroom upgrade.

Well, these reasons may not fascinate some to begin preparing for a bathroom renovation.

There may be more events that may force you to embark on the bathroom remodeling project. Below are the eight signs that you must look for a bathroom upgrade.

image - Your Bathroom Needs an Upgrade? Check These 8 Signs
Your Bathroom Needs an Upgrade? Check These 8 Signs

1. Shower Dripping Water

Of course, when not in use! Generally, it’s due to poor installation; products haven’t been installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications if they date back to the 1980s and ’90s. In those decades, waterproofing hadn’t taken birth.

Other underlying reasons include a clogged showerhead, faulty shower mixer tape, and damaged bathroom tiles.

Therefore, if your shower is ancient and it’s dripping water even not in use, you need an advanced shower.

Most likely, the replaced one may not match your old traditional tiles. If that’s the case with you, then you need tiles replacement too.

2. Life is Hanging By a Thread

Typically, an unsafe bathroom puts the user’s life in jeopardy. Many probably ignore such events.

But if your bathroom tiles are slippery or broken, then your time inside the room isn’t safe.

Generally, water leakages make the floors slippery and walls damp. They may also encounter electrical wires that are again risky for you and your loved ones.

What’s scarier? Asbestos! If your property is built in the 1990s or before that, then the chances of asbestos presence are high.

Asbestos is a silicate mineral that causes cancer risk. Therefore, if you plan to renovate your bathroom, make sure you get the asbestos test done. If found, remove it and then build a new bathroom.

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3. Room Needs More Storage Space

It’s a fact that the more you live in a house, the smaller it turns. That’s due to the increasing number of items getting stuffed.

Some may have moved in with their partner, and now they’ve grown-up children.

Room Needs More Storage Space

Such additions make the space look tiny and uncomfortable. This is a sure-shot sign that you need a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom remodeling can transform your space and make it more organized and decluttered.

The room looks much bigger and completely new. And in no time, that space will become your most favorite one!

4. Need Frequent Quick Fixes

The majority of households turn up for quick bathroom fixes. As a matter of fact, they are short-term fixes.

In the long run, you’re going to attend them again and again, burning a hole in your pocket.

Let’s take an example of the shower; some may fit a shower without removing tiles or employing epoxy coatings and re-grouting.

And typically, such fixes come without any warranty, resulting in paying more in the future.

Are you facing a similar problem? If yes, then instead of getting these regular quick fixes, you should renovate your whole bathroom.

Getting professional aid means reaping long-term fruits without constant monetary losses.

5. Bathroom Lacks Waterproofing

As said earlier, innovation hadn’t given birth to waterproofing during the 1980s and ‘90s.

So, if your bathroom belongs to those decades, likely waterproofing is a major need.

Your shower may leak, causing substantial damage to your bathroom. If not now, then someday soon.

Furthermore, other spots in your bathroom require waterproofing too. So, call in professionals that can discontinue the problems from arising.

Remember, you may be unaware of a few issues that are lingering in your bathroom.

A qualified professional or waterproofer can save you money and headache.

6. Seems too Outdated

What’s the first work of yours after you wake up in the morning? Rush to the bathroom.

Imagine you have a too old bathroom, which looks dull. An unhappy morning impacts your day negatively.

In that case, having the most stylish additions keep on buzzing in your mind.

Nowadays, several new bathroom products have emerged, making them look attractive and stylish in the space.

Instead of making yourself feel uncomfortable, upgrade your bathroom. You can even add personality and character in the room to turn it into your personal style.

The most loveable products, including mosaic tiles, black tapware, elegant shades, and mismatched grout, are trending now. So, contemplate about it and make a fun space.

7. Adding Value to Your Property

Some regard bathroom renovation as an expensive affair, but little do they know that upgraded products in the bathroom will add value to their property considerably.

Conversely, an older-looking bathroom, moisture, and dampness can turn off the potential buyers’ interest in your property.

Adding Value to Your Property

A good-looking and taken care of bathroom will raise the value of your property if you wish to sell in the future.

Hence, if you’re thinking about selling your house and moving out, it’s good to revamp your bathroom.

8. The Presence of Mildew And Mould

Last but the worst! An outdated bathroom keeps on increasing mildew and mold.

As a consequence, you invest a lot of time cleaning and getting rid of them. Well, that’s a hectic chore.

Exactly when you experience this, you should pay attention to bathroom renovation.

Mildew and mold make the cleaning process harder. At that point, the only ideal solution left is remodeling.

After that, your cleaning job would become easier, and you’d become happier.

What’s More Crucial?

Shaping a sustainable post-COVID-19 world is on the rage. The above-listed signs will signify to you the need for your bathroom renovation.

But currently, sustainability is the need of the hour. If your room isn’t, then make it environmentally friendly.

Remember, not only do you need to consider common bathroom problems and fix them, but you should also think about the environmental crisis. One step today will shape a better, sustainable world tomorrow!