Featured of 5 Ways to Design a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

5 Ways to Design a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

While we absolutely adore kids, we cannot ignore the fact that they have to change tastes. As a parent, it is not humanly possible to keep up with all these changes (or you risk wearing yourself out and draining your bank account too!).

5 Ways to Design a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

5 Ways to Design a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

5 Ways to Design a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

Lucky for you, I have got you covered! I will be sharing some DIY ideas to give your child’s bedroom the makeover that it needs to accommodate their needs as they grow.

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Your Child’s Room Should Be a Reflection of Their Taste

Err, remember all the plans you seem to have solely made for your child’s room? You are going to have to ditch that or make way for compromise! You need to understand that it is their room and it should be able to capture their personalities and individuality and not yours.

For you, it may just be a room, but for your child, it is their sanctuary where they are going to be spending a lot of time in. Incorporate their likes when designing their bedroom and they will still love it when they are teenagers.

Ditch the Cartoon Themes

Your three-year-old son may go nuts about Ben 10 sheets and wallpapers but will probably hate it before he turns eight. Ignore its call (because it can be quite alluring) unless you want to go through the hassle of replacing it as your child grows.

If your kid absolutely adores these characters, you can infuse them in items like throw pillows, bed coverings, rugs and so on. Go for neutral wall themes and colors like cream, violet, beige, gray, white, especially when buying floor coverings or wall paintings. These colors can grow with your child through their teen years.

Brighten Up

Use the right lights to brighten your kid’s room. Adding a splash of red neon lights into your kid’s room make them happy and energetic. Choosing the right light colors will affect our children emotions and will help them become more creative and happy.

Choose Quality Over Beauty When It Comes to Furniture

I always say that babies have the most beautiful things. Don’t go awww and get carried away that you get that cute little furniture that would not last. Go for long lasting ones that you can see will have a wonderful future all through your child’s transitions.

Buy furniture that can be used for multiple purposes both in the nursery and the room of an adolescent. Thinking of a bed? Get one that has built-in drawers. Thinking of getting a table? Get one that can double as a changing table for your toddler, a reading table for your preteen and storage when the bottles of lotion outweigh the books. Same goes for beds, wardrobes and so on.

Keep Design Simple and Neutral

Go out of your way to avoid clutter. Kids have a ton of belongings, and this is going to get worse as they grow. You need storage solutions that are going to stand throughout the years. They help to declutter the room and create space for other activities,

The simple the design, the easier to maintain. I subscribe to the “less is more” train. Items that are not going to be used often should be kept in drawers or cupboards.

Make Design Time a Bonding Time

It is going to make a world of difference if you and your child make design time a bonding time. It makes your child feel responsible when they are not cut off from the design process. The more involved your child is at the design stage, the more effort they will put in maintaining it in the long run.

Finally, you should bear it in mind that their styles and preferences can change in seconds. Don’t get frustrated when this happens; it is all part of growing up. Instead, keep an open mind and take the child’s suggestions into consideration. After all, it is their room, and you need to go out of your way to make it inviting and comfortable enough for them to be happy and free!

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