Everybody likes a bit of privacy.

Nothing says peace and serenity like having a backyard you can relax in to unwind from the stresses of life. If you don’t want the peering eyes of your neighbors, there are some landscaping decisions you can make.

image - 4 Backyard Privacy Ideas to Keep out Prying Eyes

4 Backyard Privacy Ideas to Keep out Prying Eyes

Here are a few backyard privacy ideas that you can use to improve your property to the fullest.

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  1. Install a Beautiful Privacy Fence

An immaculately built fence will give you everything you’ve ever wanted in terms of privacy. These fences are built tall and will also beautify your yard space.

Whether you want privacy while sunbathing, taking a dip in the pool or hot tub, or throwing a summer party, designing the perfect fence will be helpful. These fences are usually built 6 to 8 feet tall with different types of wood.

You can use these tips to shop around for an excellent privacy fence:


  1. Plant Some Trees and Shrubs

Adding plant life to your yard adds privacy, fresh air, and lots of visual appeals. Arrange your trees and plants in a row so that you’re setting up privacy areas that provide shade and lush foliage.

Some great trees that you can plant in your backyard include dogwood, oak, and sugar maple. Rose bushes, honeysuckle, and other plants will also let you create a nook that you can dip away to when you want privacy.

  1. Set Up a Gazebo, Awning and Other Fixtures

Building landscaping structures like gazebos can also provide lots of privacy.

You can spend time under this shade all summer. They’re great spots to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine in your own backyard. These gazebos are usually built with different types of wood, aluminum, bamboo, and wrought iron.

If a gazebo isn’t your thing, you can also install awnings that provide strategic shade and privacy. Masonry walls and panels can also offer shade and privacy that are effective.

  1. Create Multi-Purpose Enclosures

Get creative with the different landscaping nooks you create.

For instance, you can build a patio in a corner of your yard that you can use for grilling out, bird watching, gardening, and picnics. Add an enclosure to this area so that it is shaded from the sun and precipitation. This also blocks out peering eyes and lets you spend as much time outdoors as you’d like.

Many people get creative with deck design as well. You can add masonry walls and multiple tiers so that you have your own private oasis in your backyard. This adds some sanctity to your private area, which is great for bonfires and any kinds of gatherings.

Put These Backyard Privacy Ideas to Use

These backyard privacy ideas will transform your property and your lifestyle. Since your home is both an investment and a living treasure, you owe it to yourself to improve it however you’d like.

You’ll get so much equity back and will love having new places to relax. Put these tips to use to build some equity and value in your property today.