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Balancing Different Aspects of a Stretch Fit Tablecloth with Your Needs

There are different factors to look into when you choose a tablecloth linens so that it not only looks beautiful on it but also suits your needs.

Now with the stretch-fit table cloths available on the market, your options to choose from are more.

image - Balancing Different Aspects of a Stretch Fit Tablecloth with Your Needs
Balancing Different Aspects of a Stretch Fit Tablecloth with Your Needs

These stretch table cloths will help you to transform every aspect of the table as well as the event. The elastic table covers are suitable for a variety of occasions such as:

  • A special event
  • Banquets
  • Conference
  • Seminars and
  • Conventions.

These special table cloths are extensively used in the hospitality industry to cover the tables and chairs in the most beautiful way.

You will also be able to add new meaning and flair to the displays in a trade show and even in any corporate events.

If you choose the right material of these table cloth then you may even save the hassle of ironing it because it will be wrinkle-free.

Available in different colors, you can also choose a heavyweight fabric that will fit perfectly on the table. Some will even come with reinforced polypropylene rubber sleeves especially in the legs. This will prevent the table cloth from tearing.

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Features to Look For

There are a few particular features to look for in the stretch table cloth when you buy. This will make your table cloth last long and perform better.

  • Look for a fabric that is durable. Usually, a stretch table cloth can stretch up to 6 feet and therefore it is necessary to make sure that it is made from a better GSM fabric, preferably of 190 GSM.
  • Choose a fabric that is stain-resistant as well. This will make it easy to maintain the table cloth not requiring too many washes frequently. This will extend the life of it as well.
  • Look at the design of the table cloth so that it fits tightly on the table. Ideally, a good stretch table cloth will come with reinforced foot pockets. This will not only give it a professional look but will also make it tight at the table legs.
  • You can choose to but a lightweight fabric if you wish to take it anywhere in different events. This will not only make it easy to carry but convenient to handle as well.

Ideally, you should consider the occasion and use of table cloth to make the right choice, for indoors or outdoors.

Use of Table Cloth

If you plan an event outdoors, it is the table cloth that will help you to look clean and organized and attract people without having to sacrifice on the style. The most popular and common use of stretch tablecloths are:

  • On vendor tables in a trade show or in a local market, the table cloth will help you to put your best foot forward giving it a clean and professional look.
  • On food and drink tables in a buffet which will prevent them from getting messy. These will be the best safety precaution.

Since these table cloths will be washable and reusable, you will have a high ROI as well.

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