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Beautiful Basement Renovation Ideas

Having extra space to use within the home is a luxury. Even when you get it you might not know what you want to do with it. An office, a gym, a games room… the basement has the potential to have all of those things.

But what really makes the most of the space?

image - Beautiful Basement Renovation Ideas
Beautiful Basement Renovation Ideas

Extra Living

If you have a large family and entertain a lot of people, you probably love the idea of everyone being able to watch what they want, then you might consider a second living room in the basement.

Often the concern is that it would be too dark, but with the right basement renovation experts like BRC Basements, you know that the light won’t be a problem.


Love to have friends and family over? What about a grown-up kid that loves to swing by for a few days? Then turning your basement into an apartment can be the perfect solution.

Not only does it give you a lot of extra space but it gives extra privacy too.

A small kitchenette, or at the very least a small oven and microwave can give people the freedom to prepare their own food.

Simple storage space and somewhere comfy to sit and/or sleep can bring the conversion to a whole new level.

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Cinema Feel

But budget prices. The initial cost of the home cinema is nothing in comparison to the years and years of use you’re going to get out of it.

A couple of huge lazy boy sofas, giant beanbags, fun backlighting, and a projector can get you started.

Over time you can swap the bean bags for plush soft leather recliners, and the projector and wall combination to a giant home cinema screen.

Fun and it means you can head to the movies anytime you like!

Wine Cellar

Say no to the miles of dusty wooden shelves holding your most precious investments. Wine cellars can be state-of-the-art with exact temperature fridges and neutral wood shelving.

You can incorporate a space to sit and relax while enjoying a crisp chilled glass of white wine – right out of your temperature-controlled wine fridge.

The Ultimate Playroom

If you have small children you know how frustrating it can be to trip over toys, step on LEGO, and constantly have to find space to put everything.

One of the best options for families with small children is to turn the basement into a place where your children can play freely.

In-built slides, storage spaces, reading nooks, and even space for you to sit and read for a while while they play can all be incorporated into a playroom in the basement.


Often the basement can present us with unique and plentiful space. If you have children who are currently sharing, then this can be a great way to split them up and give them their own space.

Or perhaps you live close to relatives and want to create a space where there are plenty of bunks for everyone to stay in.

Alcoves can be created to build the bed into, and this prevents all of the space from being taken up by them.

A basement renovation can add value and a new space to enjoy in your home. The key is to work with the space you have, to create something innovative and fun.

Consider your lifestyle now and how you want it to look in the future.

Creating living spaces, sleeping spaces, and play spaces can be a wonderful addition to your everyday life, imagine watch your favorite movie on the big screen whenever you want!

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