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6 Ways to Make Moving Easier

Whether going to the other side of the world, a neighboring city, or even the next street, moving takes some planning as it can be stressful with emotions running high.

It’s impossible to plan for every eventuality to avoid stress completely, but there are things you can do, such as hiring professional movers like Creative Moving and Packing, to make the transition to your new home slightly smoother.

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6 Ways to Make Moving Easier

1. Create A Checklist Budget and Photograph Items

Draft a checklist with a timeline and budget for the move, as well as a room-by-room inventory of items so you know what you have before you move.

Print your checklist and tick items off as you pack them, numbering boxes according to your inventory list.

Take a photo of the back configuration of electronics to remember which cord goes where and take photos of furniture you take apart, labeling anything you remove and placing screws and bolts into a plastic bag taped to the back of the furniture piece, so you can easily put it back together in your new place.

2. Declutter So You Can Pack Less

You pay in time and money for everything you decide to move so if you get rid of items regularly, it will be easier to move when the day arrives.

Spend a few days going through all your belongings, decluttering your most cluttered areas from the loft to the garage and basement deciding what to throw out, keep, sell or donate before you start packing.

Take measurements of your new home and get rid of furniture that won’t fit or that you won’t use. Schedule a convenient pickup time for the charity of your choice to collect items you plan to donate.

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3. Pack Items the Smart Way

Buy boxes rather than using free storage boxes that may be compromised due to wear, moisture, or bugs. Spend an hour daily focusing on one room at a time, packing items into the right size boxes.

Don’t overpack boxes and use as many as you need to create easy-to-lift loads. Close the bottom and top seams of each box with tape that has string underneath, leaving some string as a pull tab so you can open the box without cutters.

Label boxes with contents, the room it goes to, and the number on the inventory list. Roll and vacuum seal clothes to take up less space and carry a folder with important documents on you.

4. Get the Kitchen Packed Efficiently

If your flatware and kitchen tools are already in drawer organizers, pack them up that way so that when you get to your new home, you can take them directly out of the box and pop them straight into a drawer.

Pack everyday dishes, bakeware, Tupperware, and silverware separately. Crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, or dish towels can be used to pack fragile items such as crystal, china, ceramics, and keepsakes in smaller boxes that are labeled as fragile.

Set aside things you’ll need for your last two days in your current home and the first two days in your new home like dishes, cutlery, appliances, clothes, and soap.

5. Some Items May Need to Be Moved Separately

Think about what items can be packed into the moving truck as some items can be hazardous during the moving process so it is best to move them separately or dispose of them before moving.

Tools, painting equipment, and cleaning chemicals can be packed in their own clearly marked boxes. Keep all liquids separate from dry items and use plastic bags or wrap anything that has the potential to spill.

You can use plastic wrap as an additional seal between a bottle and lid. Pack bottles together and medications together, keeping them separate from other belongings

6. Create A Game Plan for Moving Day

Decide who will direct the movers on moving day, which items need to be moved first, and which items can be loaded into your new home last to save you time on moving day.

Use different colored masking tape to mark entrances of each room of your new place so movers can match color to color with where boxes need to go, saving them time.

You can also make signs showing where large items need to be placed in your new home making it quicker for removal guys to get the boxes to the right spot.