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Benefits of Having Bed Toppers

Sometimes, it might happen that the mattress that you’ve purchased doesn’t give the support and comfort you want. One solution is just to throw the mattress away and buy a new one.

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Benefits of Having Bed Toppers

However, in case your current mattress is just a year old, it would have a lot of life left in it. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to buy a mattress topper as it is much cheaper and sure to give you an extra layer of comfort.

In this article, we will list down the advantages of mattress or bed toppers.

What is Bed Topper?

A bed topper or a mattress topper is a layer of cushion that is kept between the mattress and the sheet above it.

It is typically made from gel or memory foam and is an inexpensive and excellent way to sleep comfortably and safely.

Benefits of Having a Bed Topper

There are several advantages to having a bed topper. Some major benefits of it can be seen below:

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  1. Body Contouring and Reduced Pressure

One of the best health benefits of having a mattress topper is that it reduces pressure on the body.

Bed toppers made from memory foam particularly contours to the body and relieves pressure over the back, head, and shoulders.

This material is ideal as you can sleep comfortably in any position regardless of your shape or weight.

Memory foam bed toppers also memorize the body shape and readjust every time a person gets off or sits back on it. A bed topper also gives you adequate back support while sleeping.

  1. Air Circulation and Heat Dissipation

There is a common misconception that bed toppers tend to overheat and dissipate body heat, making it quite uncomfortable for a person to sleep.

However, today, better models of foam have come up in the market that circulates air, keeping the user cool for the whole night.

A bed topper also prevents tossing and turning. This way, you would always be able to stay in your most comfortable position.

  1. Eliminates Motion Transfer

In case you’re sleeping with someone or your partner, bed toppers are a great option as the memory foam easily absorbs movement. Hence, none of the persons sleeping on the bed would be disturbed the whole night.

  1. Increases the Life of Mattress

Bed toppers are an inexpensive way of fixing an old mattress. Even worn-out mattresses can have their lives enhanced by a few years if a bed topper is added.

However, one should always exercise caution while using a bed topper as they cannot replace a mattress, nor its main support to the body.

  1. Durable and Affordable

A bed topper is generally a great substitute for a memory foam mattress. High-quality mattresses can be quite expensive; however, a bed topper can give the same results in a much cheaper way.

Bed toppers generally last for up to three to four years. Yet, they are worth an investment.


A bed topper is an essential part of the house, and this can easily be seen through the above benefits. It is perfect for people who require a luxurious feel while sleeping on a mattress. Mattress toppers also help you in getting relaxed quickly.