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5 Best Rocks to Have in Your Aquarium

Have you ever wondered why rocks are placed in aquariums? Are they really just for decorations and enhancement of the ambiance of the fish tanks? Well, rocks are essential for any ecosystem as it provides beneficial effects to the environment.

For aquariums, rocks provide a home for beneficial bacterias. If we will take a look back at the food chain, these bacterias have the ability to consume the waste of fish and leftover foods.

image - 5 Best Rocks to Have in Your Aquarium
5 Best Rocks to Have in Your Aquarium


There are a lot of rocks you can put inside your fish tank. Just like plants, they can also consume unwanted and harmful gases inside your aquarium and provide shelter and cover for timid fishes. If you want to know more about aquariums, you may visit kingsoftheaquarium.com for more related discussions.

Without any further due, let us proceed in discussing the best rocks to place in your aquarium.

Types of Rocks

Before we proceed in discussing the types of rocks to have in your fish tank, let us first discuss the common types of rocks that are used in aquariums. The types of rocks that are usually placed are slate, granite, and quartz.

  • Slate – these rocks are best for aquariums as it does not change the power of the hydrogen (pH) level of the water. If you have sensitive fishes that a certain pH level should be met in taking care of them, then slates are the best rocks to have.
  • Granite – it is the most commonly used rock in aquariums. It provides fishes a place to lay their eggs and acts as a haven for fishes to stay. These rocks are safe for the water in the aquarium.
  • Quartz – these rocks are just used for decorations. In comparison with granite and slate, quartz is more shinier and appealing to the eye when it is placed in an aquarium. Furthermore, they can also create a wonderful natural ambiance inside the aquarium.

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Now that we have discussed the three common rocks that are used in aquariums, let us proceed in stating specific rocks.

1. Natural Polished Decorative Gravel

  • These rocks are best for aquariums as it eliminates bad odors and rotten smells coming from leftover foods and fish waste products. They also act as a decoration for the aquarium due to their attractive appearance. However, the price of these rocks is expensive.

2. Decorative Aquarium Stones

  • Aquarium Stones are best for landscaping the inside of your aquarium and providing a fresh environment to the fish tank. It maintains the freshness of the air and water and it makes your fish tank look healthy. It also serves as a filter in keeping your water clean, which is best if you want to add more filters rather than the filter itself and plants.

3. Live Aquarium Rocks

  • These rocks are non-toxic and are dense in nutrients. Due to the density of the nutrients within the rock, it is beneficial to the fish and water. Not only does it provide nutrients to the aquarium but also creates a calming and wonderful ambiance inside. These rocks are organic, beautiful, and natural.

4. Granite Pea Gravel

  • Gravel serves as a house for beneficial bacterias for the fish tank. They look beautiful and attractive for aquariums and are easy to clean. They are pleasant to the eyes when placed. Since it is gravel, it allows water to flow within it that prevents the buildup of harmful bacterias.
  1. Corals
  • Corals are also the best rocks to have in your fish tank. It not only provides a natural ecosystem inside the tank but also helps to create a balance inside of it. It also provides oxygen to the water and is preferable if you have a wide variety of fish contained in your aquarium. Furthermore, it also filters the surrounding water as it is self-perpetuating.


There are a lot of rocks to have in your aquarium. Some of them provide beautification and help with the environment inside your tank. It also provides homes and shelter for timid fishes like some ornaments that are not mentioned in this article.

Nevertheless, researching the rock you will be placing in your aquarium is a must. Sometimes, these rocks might cause harm rather than help the ecosystem of the aquarium. Always choose high-quality rocks for the safety of your fish tank and pet fish.

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