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Set It and Forget It: 3 Ways to Use Landscaping Stones

As you drive down a street full of houses, what’s one of the first things you notice? It might be the exterior of the house, the colors, the patio, the car that’s in the driveway. But more than likely, one of the first things that you’re going to notice about a house is the landscaping.

image - 3 Ways to Use Landscaping Stones
3 Ways to Use Landscaping Stones

Landscaping is a great way to make your house stand out from the rest and can encourage your family to spend more time outside. If you’re looking to make your yard pop with a natural look, read on for some of our tips for using landscaping stones in your yard.

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Create a Natural Walkway

One of the best ways to utilize stones in your landscaping is to create a walkway. This can be done in several places in your yard, with many different types of stones.

Using large flat stones to create a path to your front entrance is one of the most inviting forms of landscaping. While gravel entries are also popular, we prefer the large flat stones for a front path, as they’re easier to walk on and more barefoot-friendly (we’ve all needed to run outside without shoes for one reason or another).

If you have a large backyard, consider using stones to create a journey through your yard. Gravel paths can connect different gardens, and river rock can guide visitors to a hidden oasis. The possibilities are endless.

Creating walkways requires the largest amount of landscaping stones, but with the help of a Bulk Decorative Stone Supplier purchasing and transporting the stones can be easy.

Use Landscaping Stones in Your Garden

Temperatures are rising every year, and so is the cost of maintaining large amounts of plants. Xeriscaping is becoming increasingly popular, and not just because of how cool it looks.

Using rocks in your garden helps the water reach the roots more quickly so you can use less water and save the planet. The rocks also help keep the sun from evaporating that same water immediately, increasing the effectiveness of a small amount of water.

Landscaping rocks not only help the functionality of your gardens but also make them look great as well. You can use the rocks in the garden as described, or as a border around a traditional dirt garden.

Use Large Boulders for Uneven Ground Levels

Many times people only think about using smaller rocks for landscaping, but boulders can be a great addition to your yard as well if utilized correctly.

If you have an uneven yard, boulders create a beautiful, natural alternative to a concrete wall. You can also use large rocks and boulders to hide utility equipment. If you have enough of these large rocks, you can even incorporate water into the design, creating a mini waterfall that will really make your property stand out.

Beyond the Yard

These are some great ways to use landscaping stones to make your yard stand out, but that’s not the only way your home can be improved.

Keep browsing for more great home ideas from the inside to the outside.

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