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All That You Want to Know About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures that are used to hold back or retain lateral faces of water, dirt, or any other materials. These walls are used to prevent collapses or erosions of higher ground in certain areas of the property.

You can build these retaining walls around your garden space and these walls can prevent excess dust and soil from the exterior side.

All That You Want to Know About Build Retaining Walls

image - All That You Want to Know About Build Retaining Walls
All That You Want to Know About Build Retaining Walls

Apart from that, you must structure the retaining walls with non-corrosion materials and you can use stones, concrete membranes, and some solid building materials to build such walls.

It is better to consult with your nearest construction company for the same and they can suggest the best retaining walls for your property.

Tips to Build Retaining Walls

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  • Get the Wall According to Your Lifestyle

Most of the people consider these walls just as a utilitarian that is just there for holding back the soil.

However, if you are creative, you can also use them to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and incorporate your personal touch into it.

  • Design Needs to Be Perfect

A perfect design of retaining walls is not just the one that does the job but also the one that looks beautiful.

These do not need to be perfectly straight, but you can also add up more curves to make a boring straight wall beautiful.

Use a garden hose or a large rope to set a perfect layout of the curve. In order to follow through the curve, use a shovel to cut through it.

  • Go for a Perfect Size

When it comes to retaining walls, the size does matter a lot. The smaller size has more possibilities to plan well and construct without any hassles. However, the larger walls will need the touch of engineers to get everything set perfectly.

Before you build walls that are above the 4 feet size, it is suggested to maintain the local building regulations.

  • Stones and Blocks Are Easy Options

The blocks and stones manufactured for retaining walls offer structural integrity and a consistent look throughout the construction.

There are no perfect calculations here, you just need to match the colors and get an even look at the overall construction.

The work also is less because you don’t need to measure exact levels. You can design the walls at any height and you can also design some structures and murals on these walls.

  • Make the Base Solid

For getting good results make sure that you dig your base several inches below the grade and tamp compact is to the level. The add filters such as gravel before you add your first blocks or stones.

You need to remember that it is the base that sets the overall wall and, so it is best to spend a lot of time preparing this key component.

  • Plan the Drainage Well

Drainage is a crucial thing that you should never miss out in this stage. Retaining walls have slopes dropping to it and so you will need additional drainage at the base. Make sure that you add gravel and a fabric-covered drainage pipe.

It is the fabric that will help you prevent clogging in the pipe. This is an important feature because you definitely do not want to later dig out the ground to clear the clogs.

image - Tips to Build Retaining Walls
Tips to Build Retaining Walls

Keep these points in mind and only choose the experienced professionals for retaining walls construction. If you are someone good with doing physical work and labor, then you may also try the DIY approach for the same.

However, you need to make sure that you have all the right tools and necessary time in hand for handling the overall project.


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  • Sometimes, if a house has a beautifully designed wall, people will surely say or think that the owner is creative or artistic. This is really an awesome guide. Well done!

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