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Buying Used Furniture – The Best Tips

Buying used furniture is always a risk. Especially if you buy the furniture privately, there are usually no guarantees or even a right of return. For this reason, there are a few things to consider before and during the purchase.

We’ll show you the best tips for buying used furniture.

image - Buying Used Furniture - The Best Tips
Buying Used Furniture – The Best Tips

Tip 1: Always Look at Used Furniture Before Buying

  • You should always look at used furniture before buying. This way you can check different things. We’ll show you what’s important.
  • First of all, it is a positive sign if the supplier allows you to view the furniture on site.
  • There you can also see the signs of use better or you can generally get a better picture of the piece of furniture. It is often the case that you only see half the truth in photos. The same goes for colors.
  • You can also better assess the size of the piece of furniture and get an overall impression of its condition.
  • Questions can also be clarified better on site. You should therefore get rid of all questions in a conversation and find out why the piece of furniture is being handed in.
  • If the dealer offers several pieces of furniture that are of interest to you, a viewing is always the better choice.

Tip 2: Test the Furniture for Functionality

  • When you are there, don’t let the opportunity slip by and try out the furniture. Only with the functional test can you see whether everything is going to your satisfaction.
  • Ask the supplier if you can test the furniture. This should not mind if you intend to sell honestly.
  • In the case of cupboards, especially check the drawers, e.g. whether they are jammed. Also, test seating furniture. Do you wiggle your legs in chairs or are you sitting completely through the sofa? All of this can be tried out.
  • Always keep your purpose in mind when taking this test. This makes it easier for you to check whether the piece of furniture is working properly.
  • Just examine old wooden furniture for any woodworm holes.

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Tip 3: Check the Supplier Before Buying Furniture

  • You should not only check the furniture before buying but also the seller himself. A check is easy, especially if the contact was made over the Internet. We’ll show you what to look out for.
  • Ask yourself why the vendor is selling the piece of furniture. This is often already clear in the description. In this way, you can usually find out whether it is a commercial or private provider.
  • Take a close look at the profile and see if and, if so, how much positive feedback there is. You should also take a closer look at this. Is it courtesy praise or is it a satisfied buyer?
  • Negative statements should also be checked more closely. Competitors may express themselves badly or have other complaints.
  • Also, check when the user logged on to the respective platform. If it is still quite new, this can influence the purchase decision, but it does not have to be.
  • If you are completely unsure, it usually helps to search for the provider on Google. You will usually find help in the event of negative feedback.

Tip 4: Make Clear Arrangements with the Furniture Seller

  • Regardless of whether it is a dealer or a private person: You should always make clear agreements. This applies both to the first contact and to the later negotiation.
  • If anything is unclear, you should always ask so that you can be sure that you have understood everything correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about whether it’s about buying, transporting, or the piece of furniture itself.
  • Discuss when and where the furniture should be picked up, whether it can be delivered and what it would cost you. Also, talk about dismantling. Can the provider help you with carrying or do you have to come in pairs?
  • Only accept if you want the piece of furniture and, if necessary, allow yourself a little time to think it over. Also, ask whether the provider can reserve the used furniture for you.
  • Especially with traders, but also with private providers, it makes sense to negotiate the final price. Proceed strategically, but don’t ask for a relatively high discount. Find out how much they charge for similar pieces of furniture online, for example from other providers.

Tip 5: Pay for Used Furniture Upon Delivery

  • If you decide to purchase used furniture, you should pay for the furniture in cash when you pick it up. This is useful so that you don’t end up with empty hands afterward.
  • Should a deposit be made, you should make a note of this in writing and have this letter signed.

In the best case, you should avoid down payments and pay the amount directly on site. A reputable dealer will usually agree to this regulation.