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A Concise Guide to Buying the Perfect Window

Getting windows for your home can get challenging if you do not have a proper idea about the kinds of windows available in the market.

Every home has a different design, and you should buy windows that match the design of your home.

image - A Concise Guide to Buying the Perfect Window
A Concise Guide to Buying the Perfect Window

Keep in mind the purpose of ventilation, temperature control, outside view, and privacy of your home while deciding on the window.

There is a range of windows for your home that you can choose from, depending on the house design and requirements.

Types of Windows

There are different types of window designs and shapes in the market. The most popular ones are as follows.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are the latest trends. Sash windows are perfect to keep your property warm during the cold winter months.

Sash windows come in different forms like box sash, flush sash, bay sash, double sash, sliding sash, and large sash windows.

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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a great way to improve the ventilation of the house. They are versatile and functional.

The ability of this window to tilt is a great way to increase the ventilation of the house. These windows are easier to clean than traditional windows.

Casement Windows

These windows are more like a door. They have a single-unit sash and can open both inwards and outwards.

They are durable and offer better ventilation. If you have a house with a view then casement windows would be an ideal choice to look out and enjoy the view.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a set of three windows. Each pane can open like a casement window. If you wish to create a small nook on your window then bay windows are perfect. They can often become a reading corner or a place to sit quietly and sip coffee.


If you wish to get extra light inside your house through the ceiling then go for skylights.

They are installed in the ceiling bringing in extra light and ventilation. However, skylights are prone to get damaged easily as they are exposed to rain, snow, and harsh sunlight more than the other windows.

Frame and Materials for Windows

The frame of a window is extremely important. The most popular frames are wood, aluminum, uPVC, and fiberglass.

Wooden frames look extremely elegant and sophisticated. However, they are an expensive choice. Wooden frames need to be polished regularly to maintain their shine.

Wooden frames are prone to termites. Aluminum frames are lightweight and durable. They are cheaper and regular anodization can keep them looking like new one for years.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC frames are low maintenance. They are thermally resistant and do not fade from exposure to sunlight.

They do not rot, corrode, or rust. They are not even prone to termites. They are not as long-lasting as wooden or aluminum frames, nevertheless they are a good option to choose from within a budget.

Fiberglass is another good option but not as widely used as the above ones. As for the window glass, you can choose from float glass, laminated glass, heat-treated glass, tinted glass, and insulated glass.

Window Design and Style

The interior and exterior design of the window is also important. It is important to decide the purpose of the window. The basic purpose of the window is to provide light and air into the room. Apart from that windows also have other functions.

Decide the size of the types of windows based on where you will put them. A small window is fine for a pantry. But for a living room with a view, you should go for a big French window.

Bigger windows also brighten up a dark room. If you want to create a small nook in your bedroom or library then go for a bay window.

Decide the windows keeping in mind the climate of your place. If you live in a place with heavy snowfall then go for hung windows where it is easier to remove snow.

You can also go for fixed windows in places where there is extreme weather. It is also important you design your windows keeping in mind the sun. If you live in geographically hot weather then a huge window facing the afternoon scorching sun rays may not be a good idea.

Also, keep in mind that windows are a great design accessory to beautify your home. Select the colors and frames to improve the look of your house.