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Why You Want Tilt and Turn Windows for Your House

Europeans have enjoyed the benefits of tilt and turn windows for decades. Now, North America and the rest of the globe are beginning to catch on to the many benefits of the window style.

The function and style of the windows, along with the energy-savings benefits, means we will continue to see this imported style grow in popularity.

image - Why You Want Tilt and Turn Windows for Your House
Why You Want Tilt and Turn Windows for Your House

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The tilt and turn window functions as three separate windows combined in one design. When closed, the window acts as a fixed window, offering an unobstructed view with no air leakage. The simple design lets you lock the window by turning the handle downward.

Turn the handle ninety degrees, and the window swings inward, allowing you to enjoy ventilation and fresh air from the full size of the window.

If you only want a bit of ventilation, such as allowing the air to circulate in a stuffy room, turn the handle upward, and the window will then tilt open.

The different opening options allow control over the amount of ventilation you need. In an area where strong breezes are common, the option to tilt the window from the top blocks the strong breeze while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.

Cleaning the outside of other windows can be difficult, whether they are at ground level or on a second story. Tilt and turn windows open and swing inward, allowing you to easily clean the inside and outside of the window without the dangers of ladders or the inconvenience of taking down screens.


The durable frames of these windows allow them to be used in large, expansive areas, without compromising the structural integrity of the house.

Functioning tilt and turn windows can provide an extensive amount of natural light in rooms where it is also beneficial to be able to throw the windows completely open on beautiful days.


These windows look good in almost any style of home. From sleek and modern styles to the more modest ranch-style home, the tilt and turn windows compliment the overall look. You can also find tilt and turn windows in a wide variety of frames, colors, and glazing.

Even the handles can be customized for a sleek, modern look or from styles that fit a traditional home.

If you are a fan of a minimalist or modern design, you might want to explore the hidden sash option. A hidden sash frame mimics the look of a fixed window, while still providing a fully functional window.

The hidden sash allows for a uniform look across your home, no matter the shape or size of the windows.


Tilt and turn windows come with strong, tight, and weather-resistant air seals resulting in an air-tight window. This type of window is usually available in double and triple pane options, allowing for gas insulation in the gaps between the panes of glass.

The gaskets used in tilt and turn windows prevent water leakage making them less prone to moisture damage around the window. The gasket system also provides sound dampening, blocking sound, and helping to prevent noise pollution from intruding into your home.

Low U-values and high R-values, along with high-end framing options, offer an excellent way to save on energy costs, and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

The ability to open the window completely, instead of the standard one-half the size of the window that sliders offer, also offers greater airflow for passive cooling of your home.

Safety and Security

Tilt and turn windows require robust internal hardware with multiple locking points. The in-swing hinges secure the window from being forced or pulled open from outside, providing a built-in measure of security.

The tilt position allows you to have ventilation without fear that the window can be forced open.

The tilt function is also an important safety feature for homes with children or pets. When the window is locked into the tilt position, it offers fresh air without the risk of a child or pet escaping or falling from the window.

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