Featured of Are You Ready to Face the Damage Waterlogging Can Cause

Are You Ready to Face the Damage Waterlogging Can Cause?

Have you ever wondered if you were the only one tackling water damage problems frequently? Sadly, it is a common issue among property owners in Las Vegas.

Statistics show that among all commonly filed claims under commercial and residential insurance policies, water damage is the second most common cause. The average claim can reach close to $20,000.

Are You Ready to Face the Damage Waterlogging Can Cause

Are You Ready to Face the Damage Waterlogging Can Cause?

What Damage can You Expect from Waterlogging?

While water can ruin appliances, furniture, and the building material, it can also create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Every homeowner in Las Vegas knows how quickly a waterlogging can turn into a water damage disaster.

When that happens, no amount of mopping and wet-vacuuming is enough to get the water out of the basement and other hidden corners of the house. Most importantly, attempts to clean up water damage Las Vegas can bring a person close to the pollutants and pathogens residing in the dirty water.

Water damage is harmful to the health of your home, and that is a truth almost all of us accept without question.

However, are you aware that waterlogging can also be harmful to your health? When moisture accumulates in the damp and dark corners for an extended period, it can lead to the formation of mold. Black mold is one of the most dangerous threats that rise in post-water logging scenarios.

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Why Should You Think about Mold Extermination?

Here are some of the effects of mold growth on the health of an individual:

  • Respiratory disorders including allergic asthma, wheezing and coughing
  • Shortness of breath and chest congestions
  • Chronic dry coughing
  • Severe headaches and dry/achy eyes
  • Pain in the joints, swelling, and stiffness
  • Presence of general fatigue and exhaustion

Some molds are pathogenic in nature. These can cause a plethora of health complaints including the weakening of immune systems, fungal growth in the lungs and pneumonia.

It is equally harmful to pets as well. Moreover, fungal contamination is resilient, and it can spread quickly from one damp area in the house to another. Children and seniors are especially at risk of infections during such events.

Why Does Black Water Command Expert Attention?

Other threats include contaminated water. Blackwater logging in Las Vegas is neither new nor uncommon. It can contain pathogens and toxins.

It is difficult for the residents to clean up black water, and calling professionals to handle the mess is almost always necessary. No amount of insurance cover can take care of the threats of dysentery, cholera or typhoid this kind of contaminated water brings with it.

Why Call for the Professionals in Las Vegas?

Water damage cleanup professionals have all the experience and equipment necessary to tackle complicated cases of flooding and waterlogging. They can eliminate the health risks and minimize the damage to the property.

Since it is difficult to spot mold growth, you might want to call the experts immediately after a flooding event. Don’t let the water fester in your garage or basement. The longer it sits, the higher are the chances of bacterial and fungal growth.

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