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The Difference Between Manhattan, Capped, Marquee & Rockefeller Railing

When you’re dealing with fencing, the terminology might come across as a bit confusing at first. For instance, if you heard the phrase fence railing, what would your mind go to?

For most people, they’re thinking about stair railings when they hear that word, and they typically think about the handrail as the actual railing part.

Actually, the railing in any of these designs would be the actual body of the design. Think about a piece of a fence that you see. Your first inclination might be to call that a pane of the fence, but it’s actually the railing.

To that end, there are many different types of fence railings from which you can choose if you want to upgrade your fencing.

image - image - The Difference Between Manhattan, Capped, Marquee & Rockefeller Railing
image – The Difference Between Manhattan, Capped, Marquee & Rockefeller Railing

Aluminum fencing is something that’s becoming a lot more popular here of late because it’s a lightweight yet strong material that’s relatively inexpensive, and the professionals can make quick work of any installation process.

Though when it comes to your railing options, you might get a little lost in knowing what sort of design to pick.

Here is some information to help you understand the differences between a few main fence railing designs.

Railing Differences in Aluminum Fencing

Manhattan Railing

Far and away from the most popular design type that you’re going to find, Manhattan railing is named after the classic style of New York City’s largest borough.

This was the classic style of architecture from centuries ago when New York City was first becoming a global metropolis. You probably recognize Manhattan railing as being those black, thin rods that are spiked at the top.

A lot of people confuse this with wrought iron, but it’s not. It’s simply called Manhattan railing, and it’s easily distinguishable by the pickets that it has.

Capped Railing

Another very popular type of aluminum fencing is the capped railing panels. You might have seen this type a lot in wooden fencing.

Going back to what we opened the article with, you might recognize this type of fencing as looking more like an actual stair railing system, as it has the cap along the entire top of it.

What you basically have here are aluminum slats that are capped off, giving it a very attractive, square finish that looks a lot more sleek and modern.

You can go with slats as thin as pickets or wider and flatter slats. You can also find a different assortment of capping options. Always check out the company you’re shopping with for their wide range of options.

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Marquee Railing

Perhaps the most modern and potentially attractive sort of aluminum railing on this list, marquee railing really is stunning, and it’s instantly noticeable to people once they see it.

In fact, if you have ever envisioned having any type of aluminum fence on your property, this might be the exact type you were considering.

This is very similar to the capped railing, as it has a square cap on top of the pickets, but it also has posts and posts caps every few feet, so it looks like that quintessential fencing that you’ve seen on television and in magazines all your life.

However, because this is aluminum and not wood, the fencing is going to last a long longer and stay looking shiny and new throughout most of its life.

Rockefeller Railing

Rockefeller aluminum fence railing is another very attractive railing option that you may be considering. This is really a gorgeous style, and it looks like a blend of Manhattan and capped railing.

The thing about Rockefeller is that it has those spiked pickets that protrude above the actual top cap of the railing, which gives it a very unique yet clean and symmetrical look.

It ends up looking great in modern or traditional settings. It has the appeal of the pickets, the boxed-in shape of the capped, yet the protruding pickets just add an extra layer of aesthetics to this sort of railing. It’s certainly a top option to consider.

image - Aluminum fencing

No matter what sort of fence railing you need, you can find a solid local company to help assist you in finding the best option.

The four listed here are the most popular and common types you’re going to find, but once you get to looking around, you will be blown away at just how many options you have available.