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A Look at the Different Types of Building Inspectors

Building Inspector is responsible and in charge of checking to find out whether a building is safe or unsafe for construction or any residential purposes.

Building inspectors have a great job in hand to figure out if a structure, commercial building or residential building fits the building regulation and that it’s safe to be constructed and lived in.

A Look at the Different Types of Building Inspectors
A Look at the Different Types of Building Inspectors

The building inspector is a job that well seeks out these days as the pay is good and it has good job prospects. To become building inspectors, you need and require an educational qualification and need some job experience too but what’s fascinating is that there are different types of building inspectors each with its credentials.

Therefore anyone seeking and looking for a building inspection job needs to know the different branches and pick on one particular topic. Building inspectors Adelaide can work to check the structural integrity and safety of offices, skyscraper and other kind of buildings.

Different Types of Building Inspectors

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Home Inspectors

Home inspectors are also residential inspectors who check the newly constructed and existing buildings.  The structural parts of the house are it the home building inspectors check carport, ventilation, interior and exterior walls, air condition, plumbing, roofing, electrical and heating, and refrigeration system.

A person who is keen on buying a particular property would appoint a home inspector to determine the best price of the property including all the setbacks in the property a seller too would hire a home inspector to determine the price of the property.

Electrical Inspectors

Electrical inspectors inspect the installed electrical systems to see if they follow the electrical codes. They check the wiring, sound and security system, lighting, motors. They also check the heating ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR)system.

Mechanical Inspectors

Mechanical inspectors check the HVACR installation and determine if the system function well or not. Furthermore, Mechanical inspectors also inspect the boilers, and gas-fired equipment, commercial kitchen equipment to check to see if they’re functioning correctly.

Plumbing Inspectors

Another kind of inspectors is the plumbing inspectors they check to see if the drinking water system is running properly or not. The plumbing inspectors also check if the portable drinking water is safe for drinking or not.

Plan Inspectors

Another kind of inspectors are the plan inspectors who would inspect plans for building and other structure to check if they’re following the building codes and standards.

Specification Inspectors

Specification inspectors work for the owners of buildings and other structures. The inspectors ensure that the construction is done to the specification of the plan.

Public Work Inspectors

Public works inspectors are construction inspectors who examine the sewer system, the water system they also are in charge to check that the bridges, streets, dams, and highway of the federal, state and governments meet with citing in the contracts.

Other kinds of inspectors are the coating inspectors and elevator inspectors. Coating inspectors are the ones in charge to check that the painting process for all the bridges pipelines and tanks are carried off safely and that the works are done properly. Elevator inspectors on the other hand checks that the mechanical and electrical systems like those of elevators, lifts, escalators are installed and work properly.

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