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Furniture Removal Tips: How to Prepare for a Move?

So, you have finally found a better place to live? Well, congratulations! That’s such worth-admiring progress. You should be happy and concerned about a few things. If you plan to hire a moving company, your concern should be to find the best option. Otherwise, you should be worried about safe furniture removal.

image - Furniture Removal Tips: How to Prepare for a Move?
Furniture Removal Tips: How to Prepare for a Move?

It’s pretty common for the furniture to get damaged during the move if it is not removed and transported carefully. As when you choose not to hire a professional mover, the entire responsibility of removing and transporting the furniture carefully comes on your shoulder.

For safe furniture removal, you have to prepare for it in advance like I prefer furniture removal in dallas Here is how you can prepare for the move;

Make A List and Categorize the Furniture

First of all, you have to take a look around, sit down, and make a list of furniture you own. Once you have everything on the list, try categorizing the furniture keeping the sensitivity in mind.

The more sensitive furniture should be prepared and moved first as at the beginning of the process you would remove and move with full attention and energy.

Determine The Width of The Door

Now that you have a solid plan, it’s time to take one step further and determine the door width. You have to determine the width of every door the furniture has to pass through. It’s important to know to figure out what is needed to be disassembled and what can be moved without disassembling.

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Have All the Required Tools

No matter how wide your doors are, there would be some items that can not be moved without disassembling. There would also be some items that you would be required to disassemble for other reasons.

To disassemble the furniture, you might need a few tools; a screwdriver, spanner, wrench, hammer, bubble wrap, packing tape, boxes, furniture pads/ blankets, and a few ziplock bags to keep the screws and bolts.


As soon as you have all the required tools, start disassembling and securing the screws and bolts in the ziplock bag. The parts that you have to disassemble are the table legs, glass tops, shelves, etc.

Store the disassembled parts, label each piece and write down what tools you will require to assemble them back to perfection. It will remove the hassle to a great extent.


The tools that you have disassembled are now needed to be packed carefully. If the disassembled parts are small, pack them in the boxes wrap them in bubble wrap or furniture pads and move.

Search and Hire the Help

Even if you disassemble and pack the furniture yourself, you would still need help to move the furniture. The furniture is disassembled and packed perfectly, now it has to be moved safely as well. So, search and hire experienced professionals for the job to move your furniture safely.


Everything is done, it’s set a time for the move, inform the professionals you have hired, issue instructions, and move. There your job is done!