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Granite Headstones: Why Should You Consider It as a Good Choice?

Use of sandstone, slate, marble, and a few other materials in grave markers is well-known since time immemorial. The trend continued until 1850 perhaps when granite first made its appearance in monuments.

Available in different crystalline shades from white, pink, light gray and dark gray, the granular igneous rock soon started taking over for its ability to achieve the desired look through cut and polish.

However, its application as a construction stone is not a new phenomenon. If you explore ancient Egypt’s monuments, you will realize how granite dominated the choice as a building material.

Granite Headstones - Why Should You Consider It as a Good Choice?
Granite Headstones: Why Should You Consider It as a Good Choice?

You could be confused about what you should choose to commemorate the loving memory of your dear one who is no more with you in his or her physical form.

The reason behind this could be your experience with the marble headstones in cemeteries. No doubt, marble was once the most common pick, but in today’s times, granite has outdone all the other options. And, there are legitimate grounds for it.

Granite Headstones – Why Should You Consider It as a Good Choice?

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People build a gravestone in someone’s memory because you can remember them and spend quiet time there to feel their presence around you. Hence, you would ensure to make this place as beautiful as possible. And for that, choosing the right type of material for the monument is quite critical.

Since granite features natural hues with specks of green, gray, blue, or gold, it can impart a distinctive elegance to the tomb. Also, the shape of a specific grave marker will be different from others as each piece comes directly from the quarries and from where it comes determines in what form it will arrive.


Another factor that makes granite a favorable choice is its durability. Marble, sandstone, and slate can easily break down, crack, or get stained over time. But granite memorials can enjoy a long life covering many decades.

Plus, it can remain safe against discoloration and decay caused by seasonal transitions. The only thing is significant changes in temperature, quality of the rock, and wetness can result in its disintegration slowly.


While long lastingness is its primary strength, what else contributes to its popularity as a headstone material is its versatile nature.

The experienced memorial professionals can carve, engrave, and laser-etch it to tailor it to your liking. They can try various things with it for customization.


It is effortless to maintain a granite-based headstone. With water, cloth, and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, you can remove moss, bird’s doo-doo, lichens, and water spots quickly.


Since monuments and headstones that contain granite can withstand wear and tear for a long time without affecting how they look, you can find it to be a cost-effective solution too.

So, if you lost someone special in your life and want to honor him or her, then look for a company that specializes in Ohio monuments. There is no shortage of service providers in this field in Ohio. You can take a reference from friends, neighbors, and family members, or check online resources.

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