Herb Gardening With Your Own Container Garden

Herb Gardening With Your Own Container Garden

There’s no doubt that growing an herb garden can be a great way to add some pizazz to your home cooked meals. The thing is not everyone has the space for a full backyard home garden so there are times your living space confines your dreams of the perfect herb garden. This was the case for me.

As a single 20-something, I never thought that I could grow herbs using the available space on my apartment balcony or inside my apartment. After reading a few home gardening blogs, I got the urge to try my hand at gardening and set out to begin a little herb “garden” of my own.

Herbs, Thyme, Basil
Herbs, Thyme, Basil

Below is the step by step process I used for creating the perfect apartment friendly herb container garden. While my process is nothing ground breaking, I hope it’s the motivation and push you need to start your own little home garden!

Step 1: Buy Your Supplies

I shopped around to find my supplies. I ended up purchasing 2 full grown herb plants (Cilantro and Mint), and 2 packets of seeds (Parsley and Dill). I chose to purchase two full grown plants because I tend to be a little impatient, and this seemed a great way to gain some instant gratification.

I also made sure that the herbs I chose to grow would fare well on my apartment balcony. This is an important step. Be sure to check the back of the seed bags to make sure your small space is sufficient for the herbs you want to grow.

Buy Your Supplies

Next I purchased a few pots or containers for my herb seeds. I got them at a discount pottery store in my hometown. I always prefer to buy local when I can.

I picked a cute color scheme, as you can see in the picture top left of this section. If you prefer a more uniform look or are an online shopping connoisseur, then I highly recommend shopping online for bulk pottery. It tends to be cheaper, and you can find some really cool pieces. After purchasing some potting soil, I was good to go and ready to plant!

Step 2: Get to Planting!

Re-potting the already grown plants was fairly easy, but I learned an important lesson. Be sure that you buy pots that are deep enough for the roots of the plants to stretch out.

Get to Planting

When I went to re-pot my Cilantro, I realized that the pot I bought was too shallow for the long roots of the plant. I had to use half of the cilantro that night for dinner, and replant the other half.

I decided to plant my Parsley and Dill together, because they both need moderate water and partial to full sunlight. I put the seeds about a half an inch under the soil, and watered it immediately.

Step 3: Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labour!

Thus far, I must say that having my own little herb garden has been very rewarding. The Mexican dinner I made with my fresh Cilantro was delicious, and I can’t wait to make some fresh Mojitos with my Mint.

Growing herbs on a balcony
Growing herbs on a balcony

I truly enjoy going out on my balcony every day to admire my plants, water them, and care for them. I never thought that my dream of having a little herb garden would come to fruition, and while it’s not a big beautiful garden, it is definitely fulfilling the dream for now.

I hope this post inspires you to turn your small space into a budding herb garden. No space is too small for a few planters and a little green thumb love will bring so much sunshine (and delicious food) into your life.


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