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How High Should I Mount My TV

A TV—a smart TV; is indeed a blessing. Buying a new TV, waiting for the package to arrive, and finally unboxing it is an exciting process.

But, the pressure of finding the right position or how to place it is real. Not everyone likes to put the TV in an old-school position.

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How High Should I Mount My TV

Also, not everyone is a professional with angles. A common question that has been revolving around the corners is how high should I mount my TV?

Mounting the TV on the wall saves a lot of space and allows you to manage the cables and other wires properly. Not to mention, it also saves the TV from damage. Let’s explore more about the TV mounting and how high you should mount your TV.

How High Should a TV be Mounted?

Binge-watchers want all the comfort, especially the convenience of the angle. Hence, they want to be set on a focused angle to watch their favorite shows without straining their neck.

The Distance

Positioning a TV demands a lot of imagination and focus. You need to imagine the middle of your TV and your eye level while sitting on the sofa.

Well, the standard height is around 42-44 inches from the floor to the middle line of the TV. However, the standard size also depends upon your height.

First things first, divide the height of your TV by two. For example: if the height of your TV is 15 inches, dividing it by two will be 7.5.

Subtracting 7.5 from 42 will be 34.5. A 15 inches heightened TV must be mounted 34.5 inches from the floor. If you feel a bit shorter or taller, you can imagine the height and calculate accordingly.

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There is a misconception about the eye level; that is calculated while standing. The accurate eye level is calculated while sitting and not standing.

Hence, you need to measure the distance from the floor and then focus on the TV wall. The mounting angle should not be more than 30 degrees. In simple words, 55 inches should be mounted at around 61-62 inches.

Size of the Room

This factor is often overlooked. The size of the room matters a lot; before mounting your TV, measure the size of the room.

Also, check if there are any pillars near the main wall. Moreover, you also need to check the sunlight and other objects near the sitting area.

Most importantly, the electric outlets? Do not forget about the minor issues while mounting the TV on the wall.

TV Placement in an Entertainment Zone

TV mounting in an entertainment area is not similar to a bedroom. The majority of the people are standing or playing games. Hence, the TV must be around 55-65 inches above the floor.

This height is also recommended for art galleries and museums. However, for a home bar area and corner tv mounting, you need to check the height of the stools first.

TV Placement in a Fireplace

We do not encourage mounting a TV above the fireplace. TVs are sensitive, and the heat from the fire area can damage the parts of the TV.

Other than that, the angle above the fireplace will be uncomfortable as well. If you want to mount your TV above the fireplace, we recommend getting an adjustable or tilted mounting bracket.

Mounting a TV is not a difficult task. You can do it yourself as well. However, you will need help while fixing the TV on the wall.

If you have no experience mounting a TV, it is better to take help from a professional. Remember, the simple formula of calculating the height—TV’s size, divided by 2, subtract by 42. Happy binge-watching!

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