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6 Hacks to Save Money on Bathroom Renovations

When planning to have a home remodeling project, it’s common to think of the renovation costs. Yet refurbishing your bathroom might be costly due to high-priced plumbing fixtures, lighting, hardware, and other components. Fortunately, there are techniques for you to avoid breaking the bank on your bathroom renovation.

image - 6 Hacks to Save Money on Bathroom Renovations
6 Hacks to Save Money on Bathroom Renovations

Depending on what changes you want to execute in your bathroom, you could find alternative ways and choices that don’t come with hefty prices. You might also have the option to do some renovation tasks on your own and hire professionals for things that are too complex to do yourself.

Whether it’s for big or small bathroom renovations, the following valuable ideas can help you maximize your savings.

1. Set Up a Budget and Don’t Get Past It

The first thing you can do to ensure that your renovation costs are within your financial capacity is to set up a budget. When you’re aware of how much you should only allocate to your renovation and stick to it, you’re likely to save in expenses.

Without a budget, you might tend to go for luxurious bathroom designs, especially if you’re the type of person who decides on impulse. Set an estimated cost for the things you’ll buy, such as the sink, bathtub, shower, lighting, cabinets, and so on. This will prevent you from overspending, and this can save you from splurging on unnecessary things.

2. DIY As Much as You Can

Many tasks require a professional plumber, so leave these complex ones to bathroom renovation experts, such as Brindabella. However, if there are simpler things to do like painting or replacing handles, try doing it yourself to at least save on labor costs. It’s best to list all the tasks required for your bathroom renovation and segregate which tasks you can do and which ones should be performed by experts.

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3. Go for Shelves Rather Than Cabinets

When it comes to storage spaces for your bathroom, you can save more when you go for shelves instead of installing cabinets. Some modern shelf designs don’t cost a lot but could already make your bathroom look extravagant and elegant. Shelves are a great space-saving alternative for your towels, hygienic products, and everything else that needs to be stored in the bathroom.

Another great thing about using shelves is that they come with diverse designs. From hanging wall shelves to vintage standing racks, you have a lot of options to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can create and style your shelves in many ways to complement your overall bathroom theme.

4. Update Your Hardware

Unless you’re planning to stick to an antique theme for your bathroom, consider replacing old and outdated hardware. There are many cost-effective hardware options you can find in hardware stores and online stores.

One tip is to wait for sales and discounts from shops. Some of the bathroom display to look for include drawer pulls, handles, and towel bars. While you’re at it, you could replace your rusty doorknobs, rugs, and shower curtains too. These tiny details could make your bathroom look like a hotel’s luxury bathroom.

All these efforts won’t cost a fortune but can elevate the feel and vibe of your shower room. You may even be surprised by how much your bathroom will improve after doing these minimal replacements.

5. Visit Thrift Stores

Another effective strategy for finding cost-effective renovation goodies is to go shopping at a thrift store. You can find many unique items to incorporate in your bathroom at thrift shops. If you’re aiming for a rustic vibe for your bathroom, they may offer quality mirrors and sinks to fit your washroom’s design.

To purchase cheap yet quality items, the key is to patiently look for what you want and have the creativity to mix and match everything else.

6. Refinish Instead of Replace

image - Refinish Instead of Replace

Some of your plumbing fixtures, like your tub or shower, might still run smoothly but just not look easy on the eyes. Perhaps the wear and tear have made them look old, and they have already lost their shine. It doesn’t mean you need to replace them, primarily if they work perfectly. The best thing to do is to refinish or shine them with some solutions, such as a polisher.

Look for coatings that are suitable for your bathtub and sink, instead of removing and replacing them entirely. Also, consider only repainting your vanity into a different color if it already looks old-fashioned but still in operable condition. Initially assessing the renovation needs of your bathroom is a great idea to save and also minimize any damaging environmental impacts.


Although renovations require some sort of investment, your bathroom remodeling project doesn’t need to rob you of your savings. With the many cost-effective alternative options and tips mentioned in this article, you can still turn your bathroom into your dream one. Keep in mind to do things independently if you have the skills to do so, but always leave the complex tasks to the experts to avoid heftier costs when things go downhill.

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