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How Much is Enough Window Selection?

Old windows make your home look less appealing and even affect resale value. On top of these negative issues, they hurt your home’s efficiency and make your HVAC system work too hard. You even sacrifice home security to them. These reasons make window replacement important. But how much is enough window selection to choose from?

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How Much is Enough Window Selection

For answers to this question, Window Seal West provides insight into what you need from your new windows. As you will see, you need a broad selection to find the exact windows that meet all of your expectations.

Window Materials

One of the first variables in replacement windows selection is the material with which these windows are made. No longer is every option made of wood, as in days gone by. Although this material is still quite popular, you have more choices.

 The most common materials used today include:

  • Fibreglass
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminium

Each material offers its benefits. Vinyl is widely revered for its energy efficiency and durability. Price is also lower for this option when compared to other materials. Vinyl windows also require less maintenance.

If you want very strong windows, fibreglass makes a great material choice. This choice offers durability and excellent security. They also come in a broad selection of colours to coordinate with your existing home facade or for a fresh look. Sound resistance is another popular benefit that makes fibreglass a great choice.

Design flexibility is one benefit of aluminium windows. Designers favour how easy this material is to manipulate to fit specific needs. Affordability and durability are other key factors.

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Window Types

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After selecting from available materials, you must decide on your chosen type. You can choose from:

  • Standard single-hung
  • Double-hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Bay
  • Picture
  • Slider
  • Transom
  • Sealed

Energy Efficiency

Visual appeal is one of the first deciding factors when selecting windows. But you also need to consider your options for energy efficiency. Window replacement is a great opportunity to upgrade your home’s ability to maintain a stable climate at lower utility costs.

Today, you have a choice of single-pane, double-pane or triple-pane glass. You can also select from Energy Star certified options that reduce your home’s energy bills. For many people, these bills drop as much as 12 per cent with energy-efficient windows.


Besides all of the above choices, you can also be picky about your new window manufacturer. To make your best selection, ensure you decide upon windows made by a manufacturer with important benefits. These benefits should include:

  • Many years of experience in their industry
  • A broad selection of many types of windows and materials
  • Commitment to energy efficiency
  • Warranties on their products
  • Affordable prices and fair practices

Other Important Factors

Other important factors in window selection quality include:

  • Maintenance requirements
  • How long different windows last?
  • Who can install the windows?

Maintenance is not the same for all window types and materials. This surprises many homeowners. For example, the steps involved in maintaining vinyl windows include:

  • Wiping them with a dry cloth to remove loose dirt
  • Using warm soapy water and a damp cloth to clean away stubborn dirt
  • Vacuuming the tracks to remove debris
  • Cleaning the glass using window cleaner or vinegar in tap water
  • Hosing exterior panes to keep them clean

You can expect wood windows to require more maintenance than other types. These windows also typically require replacement sooner than other types. If you choose vinyl as your material, you can expect them to last about 30 years. Fibreglass outperforms other materials in durability, lasting about 50 years.

Your window installer’s labour costs play a big role in your total window replacement budget. Ask about labour rates while shopping for windows and know which installers can do the job with the materials, type, manufacturer and energy efficiency you choose.

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