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How To Restore the Colour of Faded Brick Exteriors

A brick exterior is an excellent choice for your home. It looks stylish, is very durable, and needs very little maintenance.

However, like any exterior wall, it will be faced with an array of challenges. Specifically, wind and rain can give it a bashing. This will eventually cause cracks and pitting in the brick surface. You’ll want to take prompt action to replace or repair the brick.

image - How To Restore the Colour of Faded Brick Exteriors
How To Restore the Colour of Faded Brick Exteriors

But, that’s not the only challenge bricks face. The sun is also a powerful enemy. Over time it will remove the colour from your bricks. If you want to make your house look perfect again you’re going to need to restore the colour.

Get The Professionals Involved

Although you can tackle faded brickwork yourself, you’ll often find it is a cheaper and better use of your time to let the professionals handle it. If you chat with a specialist, such as tuckpointing Sydney, you’ll quickly realize that they are the best option for a house that looks like it’s seen better days.

The experts have the right equipment and experience to make light work of any faded or pitted bricks.

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Paint Them

It is possible to paint bricks. You can search for a colour match in your local store or online. Painting can be done with the aid of a spray can or by brushing it onto the brick.

However, you should note that if the colour isn’t a perfect match, any repaired brick could stand out from the other bricks. In short, you’ll end up painting every other brick in your house. That’s a lot of work and not necessarily the route you want to take.

Clean It

While the faded brick has probably been faded by the sun, this isn’t the only way in which a brick can fade. In fact, it could simply be a layer of dust on the brick making it look faded.

You’ll want to use a pressure washer to wash the bricks on your house and remove all debris. Once it has dried you can see if it has had any effect on the faded bricks.

Replace The Brick

Another option worth considering is the removal and replacement of the brick. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You’ll have to carefully chisel out the cement surrounding the brick before sliding the brick out of the wall. You can then insert a new brick, with a perfect face, and some cement to hold it in place.

You will need to match the cement as closely as possible or your replaced brick will be very obvious.

Seal It

Once you’ve painted, washed, or replaced the brick it’s a good idea to seal it. This helps to protect the brick, and any others you seal. It will reduce the likelihood of fading and other damage.

Don’t forget, that a faded brick can be an indicator of further issues in the wall. You’ll want to have the wall professionally checked to ensure everything is in order.