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Instructions on How to Make a Wood Easel for Kids at Home

Do you guys notice one thing about our new generation children? The issue is they are too clingy or attached to gadgets. I had been observing my child from one month as the vacation is going on.

He is gradually losing interest in creative works. When he was little, his magical hands did so many paintings. Then, an idea came up to my mind to build a wooden easel for drawing.

The easel would have a tray for colors so that there is no scattering of colors all over the house. So, I discussed with my friend about how to make a wood easel for kids at home.

image - Instructions on How to Make a Wood Easel for Kids at Home
Instructions on How to Make a Wood Easel for Kids at Home

The Instruments We Need

 I have two children. I wanted to make an easel with two sides so that the siblings could spend the leisure time together. Again, since my home is tiny, I wanted to make a folding easel.

Folding easels occupy less place since I can fold them when I don’t need them. Now let’s check the instruments to make the easel for your little Picasso.

  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Saw
  • Scale
  • Tray
  • Paper
  • Whiteboard
  • Hardboard

The Steps for Making the Easel

The making of the frame is quite simple. But the main thing you have to do is drilling, cutting, and assembling. My kid helped me throughout the whole process.

  • Making of the legs and rails:

Firstly, cut four legs into 48″ inches. Now, cut four rails into 15″ inches. Drill two pocket holes at each side of the rails.

  • Assembling of the legs and rails:

Now, you need to make the frame. Attach the rails to the legs with 11/4″ coarse-thread pocket hole screws. So, you need to make two frames for both sides.

  • Cutting of the Sides, Trays, and Feet:

For the tray sides, cut a square cut with 10° one end and 3½” one end. The length should be 5″ inches. The size of the Feet squares should be as same as the tray size.

For the dowel supports, make a rectangular shape with a half circle with 1″ R. The measurement from the middle of the half-circle to the one side of rectangular needs to be 3″.

The other side should be 10°. The length of the rectangular needs to be 7″ inches. Make two dowel supports. There should be screw holes at one side of the two dowel supports, tray sides, feet.

  • Pluck supports with the frame:

Attach the feet at the center of the bottom of the legs of both frames. You need to align the dowel supports with the lower rail at one of the structures.

Make another dowel support to affix it at the top of the frame. Thus, you can use the paper.

  • Making of the front and bottom part of the tray:

Now, cut a tray front and tray bottom according to the size of the board. Again, cut a dowel back.

  • Attaching the parts:

The main thing is to do now is to assemble all the elements with one frame using an 11/4″ coarse-thread pocket.

  • Using the hinges:

Use hinges to attach the two frames. Now make it stand and examine any pitfalls or flaws of the easel.

  • Creating the work surface:

Take a whiteboard and cut the length into 32″ inches and the width into 18 ½”. Round up the sides. Now, attach the whiteboard surface with screws, and now you can use the paper and whiteboard as well.

There should be a gap at the upper level and lower level of the surface so that you can use the paper from dowel supports and cling the paper with the frame by using clips or magnets.

Isn’t it easy to make an easel? I can feel the happiness of my children. You, yes I am telling the parents, you can make the easel yourself and can gift your children.

The hobby of painting is an excellent way to detach your children from gadgets. The pictures are so thoughtful, and you will feel safe about their leisure time by giving this as a present.

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