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5 Helpful Tips on How to Pick a Great Basement Contractor

Undergoing a renovation project for your basement requires not only money but also a great deal of time and effort.

There’s a lot of choices to make: flooring, walls, additional rooms, storage space, lighting fixtures, entertainment amenities, and so on.

One of the biggest (and arguably most important) choices you will need to make is which professional you will be working with to make your basement renovation dreams a reality.



image - 5 Helpful Tips on How to Pick a Great Basement Contractor
5 Helpful Tips on How to Pick a Great Basement Contractor

Here are five tips on how to pick the right contractor for your basement renovation job:

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1. The Contractor You Choose Should be Properly Licensed and Insured

Proper basement renovation companies that are dependable have contractors who are up to date on their certifications and are sufficiently insured.

This guarantees that both you and the contractor you work with are protected in case anything should happen on the job.

The right certifications and licensing should also indicate a quality worker.

If you are unsure, you may want to give the renovation company’s website a scroll-through to see what certifications they list.

This can give you an idea of what you’re in for and see what credentials they are current on.

2. They Should Have Satisfactory Reviews from Prior Clients

A good contractor with a lineup of satisfied customers should readily supply you with a list of referrals from past jobs done well.

Reputable contractors should have past jobs with high satisfaction ratings.

If requested, a good basement contractor should be applied to supply you with the necessary contact information of their previous clients, including first and last names, phone numbers, and emails.

A contractor who has few or no past referrals and is unable to offer you any contact information from previous jobs may not be the right fit for you.

3. They Should be Punctual and Professional

This point should go without saying, but the contractor that you want to work with should show up to work on time and be invested in the project you plan to bring to life.

They should readily supply you with an estimate of the overall cost plus a deadline for the finished work.

All these signs should be decent indicators that the basement contractor you are hiring can match your expectations and is working for a team that is reputable.

Never settle for a contractor who you feel might not be up to the task.

4. The Quality of Their Past Jobs Should Match Your Expectations

A contractor should have a portfolio of past jobs that can show you what kind of work they are capable of doing and whether their skill set matches your expectations for your basement renovation.

Obviously, a contractor who has no portfolio, very little past work, or poor jobs which do not fit the image that you have in your head for your renovation project is not someone that you will want to work with.

Did their past jobs adhere to what the customer was expecting? Are they capable of doing the kind of renovation job you want?

5. Their Rates Should Match the Value of Their Work

Renovation jobs can be expensive endeavours – there’s no doubt about that. However, you should be suspicious of any agreement which sells for far less than you were expecting.

A good contractor should offer you an estimate that is affordable but matches the quality of the work that you are looking for in the end product.

Furthermore, a good contractor will let you know how much it will cost ahead of time rather than suggesting expensive upgrades and additions throughout the duration of the job.

Remember that a good job may actually add value to your home and can boost its appeal to future home buyers!

Ending Thoughts

There is a myriad of different reasons why you might want to renovate your basement, whether you’re looking to sell in the next little while and want to up the appeal of your home to buyers, you’re expecting a new addition and want to add some extra room, or you often have relatives over and want an additional living space for them to stay.

Keep in mind that if you are looking to sell, it helps to keep in mind the wants and needs of buyers in the area.

Ex: a Calgary basement development project should be tailored towards what individuals in the local area are looking for.

If you aren’t sure, get in touch with a real estate agent. They might be able to help you out!

Whatever your reason for finishing your home’s lowest floor, a basement renovation is a huge project and you’ll want to ensure that you are working with a professional to guarantee that the image you have in mind can become a reality.

We hope that you found these five tips on how to select a basement contractor helpful. Good luck with your renovation project!