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How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Philadelphia When on a Budget

When do you think of remodeling your kitchen? The possible answers might be that you are probably bored of using ancient appliances, outdated cabinetry, or tile choices or ineffective plumbing that are a decade old. That’s when you consider remodeling your kitchen.

But what does a kitchen remodel cost in Philadelphia? The answer depends largely on how big your kitchen is, how much work you need or want to be done, and what kind of new fixtures and appliances you choose.

image - How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Philadelphia When on a Budget
How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Philadelphia When on a Budget

Listed below are few pointers which should be considered before you go for remodeling of the kitchen.

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Apparently, labor will likely be where you will spend the largest chunk of money. So if you are looking for kitchen remodeling Philadelphia, plan for 60 percent of your total cost to be for labor.

If your kitchen is older, as many in the Philadelphia area are, you might need some new plumbing and electrical work.


There are cheap cabinets out there, and there are more expensive ones. If for you, quality makes a real difference then avoid going for cheaper options as you do not want them to fall apart prematurely.

Avoid particleboard boxes and choose solid plywood. Look for dovetail joints on drawer boxes and not glue and staples. Make sure you spend on quality hardware including heavy-duty full extension drawer slides and soft-close hinges.

Image - Kitchen cabinet

At the low end, plan to spend $5,000 to $10,000 for basic stock cabinets for a small to medium kitchen.  Depending on the number of cabinets, wood species, type of hardware, and other factors expected to spend from $20,000 to $30,000.


Choose the appliances according to your cooking requirements. Say if you like to bake a lot, then go for a good sturdy oven.

Built-in appliances such as a cooktop, dishwasher, microwave, etc should be of good quality, so I would suggest you survey the markets before finalizing the appliances. So setting up a budget at $8,000 and up for appliances should be tidy.


Some popular kitchen countertop choices include quartz, granite, wood, marble, glass, etc. But we suggest you choose the countertop according to the durability and which requires less caring and up keeping.

So considering how you and your family use the kitchen you should select the countertop. Countertops can cost anywhere from $4,000 up, depending on the material you choose and how much footage you need.


There are a lot of options for the flooring like from hardwood flooring to tiles designed to look like wood. You can decide whether you prefer the look of tile, wood, or even linoleum.

Flooring prices vary by material, but you can expect your budget from $3,000 up for an average-sized kitchen.


Lighting is often one of the important elements of a kitchen remodel. So go for what will function best for your space.

Start the remodeling by surveying on the internet and since you are on a budget it is better to have all the knowhow as to where exactly should the money be spent. So planning your expense is a good option.

Also, instead of hiring a remodeling company, we suggest you hire labor (plumber, electrician, mason, painter, etc.) and get the work done.

Many remodeling companies have lots of hidden costs and they usually charge you before the work starts without them guaranteeing you if the remodeling will be done according to your preference or no.

Hence, in order to save money and work with your budget, you will have to take charge of the expenses. I hope the above points will help you in deciding the remodeling of your kitchen within your budget.


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