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5 Incredible Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Consider in 2022

Looking to make a positive first impression with your business? Then you need to consider sprucing up your business’s outdoor area. You’ll create better curb appeal and impress your clients.

Read on to learn 5 incredible commercial landscaping ideas to consider in 2022!

image - 5 Incredible Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Consider in 2022
5 Incredible Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Consider in 2022

1. Add Bursts of Color with Flowers

If you’re concerned about the commercial landscaping cost, start small. Adding some potted marigolds or lavender on either side of a front entrance will look striking.

Invest in defined flower beds featuring clusters of begonias or flowers in other saturated colors. Put raised beds in galvanized steel containers for a rustic look. Or use pavers to define the edges of beds around the front of your business.

2. Highlight Your Focal Point

Your first step should be figuring out what that focal point is. For instance, do you have a modern or classic sign that you could set off with some flower beds? Or do you want to focus on the entryway to your building?

You could flank a walkway with plants or shrubs to give it flair. This would also make it more obvious for visitors that this is the main entrance. Alternatively, you could use planters and lanterns, too, to draw attention to an impressive front door.

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3. Focus on Variety in Your Vegetation

An easy way to create more interest around your exterior business space is through variety. In other words, don’t plant row after row of the same thing. Mix up spindly green plants with denser vegetation to create some variety in texture.

A reputable landscaping service can provide input on native plants that would flourish in your area. They’ll know where the boxwood will thrive, for instance. And they’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect spot for a holly bush.

4. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Good lighting will ensure that your landscaping efforts shine at night. Consider spotlighting some flowerbeds or signage. Spotlights shining from the ground will focus a viewer’s attention on particular elements of your property.

Similarly, path lighting can accentuate unique textures in stamped concrete walkways. Or it can call attention to greenery along the edges. As another option, shine an ambient light source toward bare walls for a diffused lighting effect.

5. Look to Artificial Landscaping Ideas

Are you pressed for time and personnel? If investing in plants and grasses that require regular upkeep seems daunting, don’t worry. You can achieve an impressive outdoor area using artificial options, too.

For example, going with a xeriscape means you won’t need to water plants all the time. This approach to landscaping conserves water while adding texture and interest to a property.

Go with artificial arborvitae, boxwood, and landscaping stones. You still can achieve a realistic look, even up close. And you won’t need to worry about trimming it or maintaining it.

Invest in Commercial Landscaping

Good commercial landscaping can elevate the look of even the blandest building. Develop a plan that adds bursts of color and different textures. And don’t overlook lighting and artificial plants as part of your strategy.

For more ideas to spruce up your space, check back for new articles.

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