Featured of 5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Will Not Pinch Your Pocket

5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Will Not Pinch Your Pocket

Kitchen Makeover Ideas — Have you lately entered your kitchen and felt something amiss? Everything seems to be in place, except for the excitement you felt when your new kitchen was the focal point of your home.

Kitchen makeovers can be both expensive and time-consuming. However, with a little ingenuity, you can give a new lease of life to your boring, old cookhouse.

5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Will Not Pinch Your Pocket

5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Will Not Pinch Your Pocket – Source

When it comes to design ideas for your kitchen, you will be spoilt for choice. The choices will, however, leave you perplexed, even wanting to drop the makeover plans. Do not let this get too big for you.

A virtual tour at The Kitchen Studio is just the thing to get the ball rolling on your kitchen makeover journey.

5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Will Not Pinch Your Pocket

With a little patience and some elbow grease, you can have that dream kitchen you always wanted. So let’s get you started on some budget-friendly makeover ideas.

The Floor

The first thing that draws your attention when you enter a new space is the floor. Having said that, your kitchen floor is one place that takes the maximum brunt apart from the daily wear and tear.

Many foods and wine spill later your kitchen floor do not seem to be what it was when you moved in. Trying to scrub the stains off will only make it worse. Thankfully, with some quick do it yourself methods you can spruce up that tired looking floor in no time.

kitchen floor

Kitchen Floor – Source

Take a look at what a stencil can do for your weathered linoleum floor tiles. All you need is some paint and the stencil design of your choice. Your kitchen floor will be brand new in a matter of days.

For added appeal, you can use two different colours of your choice in an alternate pattern to add a more stunning look.

Tip – Apply a coat of clear varnish over the paint. This will add shine to the paint job and the colours will pop out.

Colour Scheme

According to some studies colour directly impacts your mood. For example, the colour Blue helps lower the heart rate and thus provides a sense of calm. Whereas Yellow portrays youthful exuberance. Red shows aggressive nature.

Your kitchen should reflect your personality. Re-doing it in the colour of your choice is the best way to add a touch of class while giving it loads of character.

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme – Source

Since painting can be a daunting task, start small. Pick a corner and gradually paint your way through space.

White seems to be a popular choice. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Imagine Marinara sauce stains on a white kitchen floor!

Choose the colour you think will best suit your family’s lifestyle. If you’re going for the total white look, it will be difficult to blend in your dark coloured appliances into the setting. So keep your appliances in mind.

Try getting out of your comfort zone. Paint your kitchen cabinets in bright contrasting colours. This will add a quirky touch to the area. Plus the bright colours will be a hit with your little ones.

Paint your kitchen cabinets in bright contrasting colours

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets in Bright Contrasting Colours – Source

If painting the cabinets seems too much for you. Why not start with just the knobs or handles. Replace them if required and apply a coat of bright pastel shades. This effect will be even more dramatic if the cabinets are dark in colour.

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Feature Wall

Add a stunning feature wall to your kitchen and people will think its a complete makeover. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to feature walls.

Painting the wall is a method that can give you the desired results. But it has been used rather commonly, instead try textured wall tiles if you want a more upscale look.

Tile making techniques have recently gone through a dramatic change. This has considerably brought down their prices. Options like the wood look, marble effect and stone inlay of various kinds are now easily available.

Visit at least three local tile stores with measurements and get a quote. This will give you a fair idea of the prices. You can then plan your budget accordingly.

All that is left to do is pick the tile you fancy and give your kitchen the feature wall you always wanted.

The most budget-friendly option for any wall is the patterned roller. Your local hardware store will have a selection of these handheld rollers. Get your favourite design and a contrasting colour and you’re set for an awesome looking wall in no time.

Choose the wall in your kitchen which need your attention and get on with roller painting.

Feature Wall

Feature Wall – Source

Kitchen Island

This is a popular concept for bigger kitchens. However, the size of your kitchen should not stop you from adding a kitchen island.

A sturdy repurposed table will do the trick. The island will not only add an extra counter area to your kitchen but will also give it an aesthetic appeal.

Place some modular bar chairs around the island and you will get a cosy dining space in your kitchen.

For a kitchen too small to afford this kind of space, you can opt for a small workbench with wheels. Its small size will not hinder your movement and the modern look will add a touch of sophistication.

small workbench with wheels

Small Workbench with Wheels – Source

The Stove

With all this talk of redoing your kitchen, the humble stove always gets ignored. Being the most important appliance in your kitchen, it deserves a little more love from you.

A fresh coat of paint on your old stove will do wonders. Though you should plan ahead for this project or be ready to order out if the paint is still wet.

For those of you who love a challenge, try adding coloured accents to your stove. This works best for white coloured appliances. Add a bright colour and see your stove in a new light.

coloured accents to your stove

Coloured Accents to Your Stove – Source

A kitchen makeover might seem like a huge mountain to climb. But imagine the sense of achievement you will feel once your project is complete. Let these ideas inspire you to create that ultimate kitchen your friends will drool over.

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