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Maintaining The Safety of The Building with Steel Fire Doors

It has always been challenging for mankind to control the disasters and elements of the world. Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are natural disasters that are beyond your control.

Fire is also an element that is not in our control. In no time it spreads and destroys everything around.

Fire doors play an important role in safeguarding the well-being of people. They are something you can count on to save lives.

The effects of fire are devastating. There is a loss of property and loss of lives. Fire doors help to stop the spread of fire in residential and commercial buildings.

image - Maintaining The Safety of The Building with Steel Fire Doors
Maintaining The Safety of The Building with Steel Fire Doors

Fire doors also allow the residents and everyone to evacuate the building safely. They set one part of the building apart from the other.

Hence, the needs for having a steel fire door cannot be underestimated

What are Steel Fire Doors?

Steel fire doors reduce the spread of fire between compartments. People in the building can safely evacuate the building.

Steel fire doors are designed to slow down the fire from entering a particular area of the building.

These doors are different from normal doors because they are made from fire-resistant material.

A normal door is not able to control the fire as a steel fire door does. Unlike timber and other wooden doors, a steel fire door saves lives.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets the standards and requirements of steel fire doors. They give a rating to the steel fire door.

Most commercial and industrial settings use a steel fire door with a rating of 60 minutes. What does that mean?

A steel fire door with a 60-minute rating can withstand the fire for 60 minutes. The fire is held back and whoever is present in the building can evacuate quickly and safely.

Why do you need a Steel Fire Door?

A steel fire door is an important part of a building with a stairwell. If you live in an apartment and you share a building, you need to make sure that the stairwell has a steel fire door for emergency use.

Fire doors are important for the safe exit of residents when the building catches the fire. They are quick to prevent the spread of fire.

Due to the increase in customer traffic, shopping malls and factories have these doors installed on their premises.

The steel fires must be properly installed in the building. They need to fit in the door frame properly. The size of the steel fire door should be accurate enough to seal the area completely.

If there are any gaps between the door and the wall, they should be filled with a sealant that is fire resistant.

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Save Lives with Steel Fire Doors with the Highest Standards

Well-designed and well-built fire doors if properly installed save lives. They block the spread of fire and deadly fumes the fire generates.

 If the building does not have a fire door, there is a risk of the quick spread of fire and smoke through the building.

This puts a lot of innocent lives at risk and it also gets hard for the firefighters to deal with the fire.

The outbreak of a fire is a tragedy that nobody wants to face. However, the fire doors which are made with the highest standards and are high-class keep everyone safe.

One should bear in mind that fire doors cannot prevent the spread of fire. However, they ensure the safety of the children and elderly by allowing the firefighters to get an opportunity to evacuate the building.

It simply gives you more time to empty the building safely.

Things that Could go Wrong with Steel Fire Doors.

  • If fire doors are not properly installed, they cannot perform well. Hence, you have to make sure that the installation is done by professionals.
  • Cheap fire doors are made from low-quality material which is not capable of reducing the risk of fire.
  • Improper installation of the door could leave large gaps which might lead to the spread of fire.

You need to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of steel fire doors for industrial and commercial use.

The fire doors you choose should meet the safety standards and regulations of NFPA.


A fire emergency is something you never want; however, it is something that can occur anytime.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your building has safe and secure emergency exits with fire steel doors installed.

Fire steel doors need to be closed at all times. If you keep a fire door open, it is useless to install them on your premises.

If the fire steel doors are properly installed and maintained they can be of great value.

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