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Makeover Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

The joy of owning something under your name has no parallel. Opening a bank account, buying your first car, moving into your own house, getting your first job, all these are notable achievements and are a cause of celebration.

All these firsts make people feel ecstatic and make them want to leave their mark on it. The current time offers many ways to personalize places and things to reflect a portion of your personality. A signature leaves the impression that the things belong to you.

Many people spent their entire life without noticing this subtle connection or attachment they have with things that they have been using their whole life.

The process of establishing a relationship with an object or a place takes time. The nature of this connection is undefined.

It can be the setting of your pillows, the arrangement of books on your bookshelf, or even the look of your favorite coffee/tea mug. The possibilities are endless.

The easiest way to notice these changes or personalization is to look at the setting of a house. More specifically, the kitchen of a house.

A kitchen is undoubtedly a place where you can be artistic and vibrant even when you don’t know how to cook at all.

From the door handles and knobs to the arrangement of cutlery and kitchenware. Everything present in the kitchen shares a lot about an individual’s nature and personality.

Many don’t even realize how much time they spend in their kitchen and how small, unadministered changes to their arrangement can make life miserable for them.

image - Make Over Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps
Make Over Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

Despite all this, a kitchen is a place that needs a makeover periodically to make it livelier.

It is undoubtedly a challenge, considering that a kitchen has so many utensils and edibles, which makes it difficult to rearrange or remodel it.

The most frequent and the biggest concern of all is where to start. Well, here’s a list of 5 things that you should focus on while giving your kitchen a makeover.

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  1. Counters

The most important part of any kitchen is its counter. Clean and spacious slabs make room for you to put your kitchenware in an organized manner. Also, clean counters seem welcoming to most people.

We mostly put our utensils on the counters after using them. It survives through oily plates and dishes, chopped vegetables, mishandled knives and a lot more.

Its excessive and constant use makes it more likely to end up in bad condition. An efficient makeover of any kitchen should always start by polishing up the kitchen slabs.

Also, it is preferable to have wide and spacious kitchen platforms to allow you to have access and accommodate most of the ingredients that you might need to cook up that next delectable meal.

Hence, a kitchen makeover is incomplete unless the kitchen platform is a part of it. There’s always the option of redecorating it paper, paint or even concrete if that aligns with your taste.

  1. Cabinets

The next immediate attention of any kitchen after its shiny and squeaky clean platforms is its cabinets. The kitchen walls are what the focus of the chef is always.

Fortunately, these walls have beautiful cabinets to compliment them. Unless you have been neglecting them.

Cabinets come in very handy to hide most edible products and also in making them easily accessible every day.

Cereal boxes, spices, packets of pulses and grains, as long as it doesn’t require to be under cold temperatures, your cabinets can assist you to hide it.

However, it is not a very healthy option to store edibles in cabinets that are in a rough state.

There’s no shame in admitting that renovating kitchen cabinets might be one of the excruciating tasks, but it is also a great reason to be proud of yourself, every time you look at it.

There are a few options to consider while redesigning your cabinets. You can choose paper, paint or veneer layering to make your cabinets look good as new.

They won’t just please you while working on a recipe, but also invite your guests to catch a glance and appreciate your choices.

  1. Lighting

One of the biggest issues while working in any setup is the arrangement of lights.

A place where attention to detail is required or you have to stress your eyesight to ensure the quality of your work requires a specific lighting setup for better results.

The kitchen is one such place, especially if you are cooking to impress someone.

Cooking tastes are highly personal and vary from person to person. To keep up with these details, it is important to have a focused lighting setup above your stove.

Similarly, you can’t showcase the food that you put so much effort into making if the dining table lacks just about the right arrangement of lights.

So lights don’t just help you to get your cooking right, but also make sure that the food is presented magnificently.

  1. Hardware

The next most important thing while giving your kitchen a makeover is what you put in it. Every personalized setup requires some sort of decoration to make it more appealing.

In the case of a kitchen, this decoration is the cutlery and other utensils that make your kitchen look attractive.

Plates, dishes, knives, forks, and spoons are there in every other kitchen, but nowadays, there are many other utensils that may suit your particular setup.

For instance, easy to access box trays for more frequently used spices such as salt and black pepper, or even coffee beans.

They not only give you the ease of access but also a fancy touch to your beautiful kitchen setup. Therefore, it is wise to keep an eye on what’s new to keep yourself and your kitchen updated.

  1. Open Storage Shelves

The last thing on this list may seem a little insignificant, but it adds substantial value to your kitchen for multiple reasons.

Open storage shelves, or floating shelves, are trending in the kitchen. These shelves can serve as your standard platforms if you are out of space and need to keep something in reach.

Similarly, if your kitchen is smaller as compared to the other rooms of your house, these shelves can help you make up for that space with greater ease of accessibility. Also, these shelves are much easier to keep nice and clean.

If you don’t already have them installed, making them a part of your kitchen makeover will leave an impression on your guests.


These 5 basic areas may help you improve the state of your kitchen in the easiest way possible and with the least amount of hassle.

If you think that your kitchen is demanding your attention, this might be a good way to answer that call.

Besides, it never hurts to reflect more and more of your personality and taste every time you think of granting your kitchen a makeover.

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