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How to Organize the Interior of Your Weekend Home – 5 Practical Ideas

More and more business people use weekend getaways to isolate themselves from the chaos of the urban jungle. Exhausted by work tasks and hectic daily schedules, they want to clear their heads and invigorate their souls.

Some of these business professionals travel to different destinations at weekends. They either make city breaks or visit natural attractions.

However, some people decide to buy a weekend house outside the town. Instead of spending money on different destinations around the world, they invest their money in building another home.

image - How to Organize the Interior of Your Weekend Home - 5 Practical Ideas
How to Organize the Interior of Your Weekend Home – 5 Practical Ideas

If you’re planning to do something like this, here are a few organizational and design tips regarding the interior of that weekend home.

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  1. Simplified Furniture Arrangement

A weekend house is usually a spare home where families and individuals spend their free time. In line with that, you should not invest too much money in the furniture for your weekend house.

It would be irrational to buy new items for this weekend haven if you have more urgent things to handle in your primary home.

On the other hand, you need some functional furniture for your weekend home. For starters, you can transfer some of the furniture items form your regular home to your weekend house.

That way, you’ll refresh your home with some new items.

Another benefit is that this weekend home will give you the feeling of a real home because you’ll be using items with which you have an emotional link.

What’s more, you can get various items, from the table and desk to chairs and kitchen elements on online sales. Go for some used vintage things, as well, to give your home a traditional and unique look.

  1. Technical Equipment

Spending weekends at your weekend home requires meeting a minimum of technical requirements for regular living.

To cut a long story short, you’ll need some basic household appliances and devices. These include a washing machine, a TV-set, and (optionally) a radio.

If you’re planning to spend longer periods of time during your holidays at your weekend home, think about getting a dishwasher and a clothes dryer,  Also, some music enthusiasts might want to get a used Wi-Fi system

Gamers might decide to get a separate console for their weekend home This could be a wise way to persuade your children to spend your weekends with you in nature.

Again, you can get some of these things on sales or buy second-hand items on the Internet. The point is that the interior of your weekend home needs to be convenient enough to have rest.

You don’t have to equip it with cutting-edge devices but with the ones that will make your stay more comfortable.

  1. Cozy Bedrooms

Furbishing your weekend home means installing proper items in the bedrooms. This part will depend on your budget and the size of the home in question.

The first thing to bear in mind is the number of people that are going to spend weekends there.

If you have children who are not interested in such getaways, don’t spend too much money on beds and bedroom furniture.

In that case, you should decorate only the bedroom where you and your partner are planning to sleep while you’re staying there. If you have a shoestring budget, you can even use the couch in the living room for sleeping.

For the situations when your children or friends decide to join you, getting inflatable beds is a reasonable option.

They will serve their purpose on such occasions and you won’t splurge your assets on beds that would remain unused for most of the year.

  1. Polishing the Details

Equipping and decorating your weekend home includes numerous tiny details that will make it look perfect.

If you’ve bought an older weekend house, it’s important to adapt it both visually and aesthetically to your taste.

You can start on the walls. Inspect them for mold and holes and first treat those issues.
When you’ve sorted out these problems, you can put a new coat of paint on those walls.

After that, you can choose the curtains for the windows in all the rooms. They will add a feeling of coziness and warmth to your weekend home.

Also, check the condition of the flooring and see if it needs another layer of insulation.

You can even use some 3D software tools for interior decoration. In case you haven’t used them before, you can ask experts for advice, as suggested by the Web design team from Houston, and test different visual options for the interior of your weekend house.

  1. Security Features

Since people spend only weekends or their holidays at their weekend homes, it’s important to properly secure them.

First and foremost, get door locks with strong deadbolts. In case someone tries to break in, such locks will be more demanding to dismantle.

Apart from that, install a surveillance system, i.e. cameras around your weekend home, as well as one or more lights with motion sensors.

Finally, you can think about installing a door alarm, as well.


Buying a weekend house can significantly increase the quality of your life. You can go there and clear your head from all the stress and mess at work.

While it doesn’t have to be as equipped as your primary home, you should organize it in a convenient and cozy way. We hope our tips will help you reach that home design goal.

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