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7 Phenomenal Gun Concealment Furniture Ideas for Your Home

In an effort to arm yourself with safety measures against the tormenting times, you have to purchase a licensed weapon. Presently, the terrors are spreading everywhere and it gets tormented by silence.

The unwanted antisocial psychopaths are present everywhere around us. To fight against their torturous activities, you need to be ready to keep a powerful gun with you.

When you feel the utter need to cover yourself with tight security, you need to be extra careful in storing a licensed weapon. A slight carelessness can land you in a troublesome situation.

When you value your privacy and safety, gun concealment furniture is ideal for you. It’s nice furniture for your home that will benefit you in multiple ways.

image - 7 Phenomenal Gun Concealment Furniture Ideas for Your Home
7 Phenomenal Gun Concealment Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Every gun owner has the primary responsibility to know how and where to store the furniture to make it safe. Concealment furniture is defined as the hidden vertical storage gun rack attached with a secret compartment.

It can be kept in the office and at home. Ideally, it will not be within everyone’s reach and you can have peace of mind.

Improve Safety Standards with the Stunning Gun Protectors

As we understand that safety is most important to keep away the fear of insecurity, let’s delve into the awesome ideas of having gun concealment furniture. In fact, you don’t have to have a separate space in your living area for storing the gun because today the organic appeal of the popular Scandinavian modern living room designs are there for you.

A gun protector is extremely necessary if you are having a gun. So, take a look at different concealment furniture.

that will help you to redesign your bedroom while keeping your gun safe. This guide lists the selective collection of protective furniture for your weapon.

(1) The Gun Concealment Bench

The American Furniture Classics introduced hidden gun storage to keep your firearm concealed safely. If you need your gun in a go, you can make easy access to the 64 lbs weighted gun box.

image - The Gun Concealment Bench
The Gun Concealment Bench

The description of this storage unit is detailed by featuring it as a stitched, brown polyurethane body, priced at $165. You can easily store up to five long rifles at your home because it comes with a locking compartment lined with soft fabric.

Further, there are many additional features of this equipment. They are removable butt and barrel rest, attractive durable plastic feet, and two anti-copy keys.

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(2)  The American Flag Concealment Coffee Table

Do you want to pair the basic wooden furniture of your home with the styled solid pine gun concealment furniture? If yes, buy the American Flag Concealment Coffee Table.

It’s hard-stained, carved with stripes and stars. The craftsmanship gives a classic finishing to it by providing it with tenon joinery and amortizes followed by a dovetailed maple drawer.

There is sufficient storage space to keep your guns safe in the compartmental box. If you don’t like the design of this 250 lbs weighted gun box, you can customize it as per your choice. It is guarded with a variety of hidden lock options and the price of the product is $858.

(3)  Bed Bunker Gun Safe

The Texas-based Heracles Research Corporation marks the innovation of this safe bed bunker. You don’t have to keep the gun equipment out of sight. Create a storage unit in your bedroom with this furniture.

The shelving of 60 rifles becomes possible if you use it.  While using it, you are free to choose from the Two most standard bed frames instead of the conventional box spring.

The storage unit is placed beneath the bed itself and it’s difficult to find the hidden items in a bed bunker. In case, if someone is able to uncover the 900 lbs weighted bed bunker, it will take two hours to break through the firewall protection system.

(4)  The Gun Concealment Shelf

The concealment shelf comes with a similar pattern to the conventional wall-mounted shelving units. If you have kids in your home, you should keep these items beyond their reach.

Although, usually kids can’t discover it easy because this furniture is often kept in a hidden and foam-lined compartment.

The furniture is made of birch plywood aligned with two metal shelf bracelets. You can add a personalized touch to it by integrating it with motion-sensor-powered lights and the RFID lock.

(5) The Sliding Top Coffee Table

The handpicked coffee table concealment furniture is a good choice for storing your long guns. In this decent furniture storage unit, you can safely place the possessions, far out of sight from the prying eyes.

The Sliding Top Coffee Table

The design of the furniture is captivating because it features a sliding tabletop. The foam-lined lockable storage compartment is marked safe with a magnetic lock.

Surprisingly, there is a viable option to select the custom colors of this unique piece of furniture and pair it with your existing ones.

(6)  The Executive Desk Gun

If you have a regular computer, you will definitely choose this gun concealment desk. The furniture is made from oak and maple wood, consisting of two file drawers, four regular drawers, and there’s plenty of space for storing your weaponries.

In times of need, you can easily pull out the extended keyboard drawer. To secure the safety measures, you can integrate it with magnetic,e, and  RFID locks.

(7) The Couch Bunker Gun Safe

 Even in your living room, you can hide the gun concealment furniture. How to make it safe and accessible? Have you ever thought that the sofa on which you sit is ready for storing weaponries? The couch bunker gun safe option is just a fine option to make your guns safe within you.

The Couch Bunker Gun Safe

It is featured with a two-hour firewall and optional bulletproof cushions comprising straps that are used as a shield. In addition to it, it’s available in a varied range of leather, fabric coverings, and styles to beautify your interiors.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have been able to draw clear ideas on concealment furniture after reading the above information.

This finely designed furniture can be stored in your customized spaces. The edge of innovation has helped to bring the combined pack of security and easy accessibility of firearms to you.

If you are someone who owns a gun, ensure to keep it safe in one of the above amazing guns concealing furniture.

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