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Preparing for Summer With Air Conditioning for the Home

Summertime comes around quicker every year and the heat never fails to surprise us. We lay awake at night kicking off our quilts, throwing open windows to let in some much-needed ventilation and fan ourselves with any magazine we can lay our hands-on.

These actions do not provide solutions to the real problem, but installing an air conditioner can. An air conditioning unit can solve a lot of the issues created by long periods of hot weather with functions specialising in cooling, purifying and dehumidifying.

image - Preparing for Summer With Air Conditioning for the Home
Preparing for Summer With Air Conditioning for the Home

Unfortunately within UK households air conditioning is not a common fix, with many people considering it redundant during the autumn and winter months.

This is a popular misconception, because during the colder months air conditioning helps to keep the home fresh and free from dust particles and pollutants, even helping to control germs spreading.

Ideal for allergy sufferers, your pets will no longer be making guests sneeze or dab at their watering eyes. Here is their guide to getting your home summer (and winter) ready:

Why You Should Invest in Air Conditioning This Summer

With 5 unique modes to suit however you’re feeling this summer, BOXT can help you create a healthier space free of added bacteria and fungi, where you can get a good night’s sleep whether you desire a chill in the air or a quick blast of heat.

Their handy tool allows you to answer a few quick questions about your home, before being presented with a range of indoor or outdoors air conditioning units.

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Refrigerant units convert hot air into cool air through the extraction of humidity, helping to maintain a steady and refreshing temperature inside your home throughout the summer season regardless of exterior heat so you can work, relax, exercise and seek shelter without concern.

When space is not correctly air-conditioned heat can permeate, causing you and your family to expend more energy and feel increasingly lethargic.

Air conditioning is a protective shield which can help prevent you and your family from suffering dehydration and seasonal heat stroke.

Unfiltered heat can affect and sometimes damage your hardware, appliances and technology, including your fridge and freezer depending on their location.

Your electrical transmission lines can also be disrupted, ultimately causing your voltage to drop when you need it most.

A good time to get prepared in advance is springtime, so you’re covered when summer arrives.


There are many known health benefits often associated with air conditioning, such as helping to prevent respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.

They can be exacerbated by unfiltered air, exposure to pollen, pollutants, allergens, excessive dust and mites. Refrigerant air conditioning decreases the risk of asthma attacks, sinus issues, and breathing difficulties.

Airborne bacteria are reduced, interrupting the cycle of seasonal coughs and colds your family may be exposed to year-round. Indoor mould and fungi growth within damp prone rooms (bathroom, kitchen, utility) is also blocked.

Unpleasant odours and fumes are removed so you can breathe easily during a heatwave, safe in the knowledge that your wellbeing is being protected while you relax.


If you are looking for efficiency a reversible split-system could be for you. So that you’re kept cool and calm throughout summer and cosy warm during winter their air conditioners transfer both hot and cool air.

The evaporator, compressor and condenser quietly convert gas to liquid and vice versa within the unit. The refrigerant circulation acts like a big fridge, while still allowing you to easily heat your home.

Often providing 3+kW of heating performance for every 1kW used to run the system, ultimately lowering your energy bills.


The recommended humidity for indoor environments is between 30% to 50%, higher levels can be unhealthy, make air quality poor and cause significant property damage if gone unchecked.

Dehumidification improves optimal comfort and dust levels at home while maintaining an even temperature, so during the summer you’ll sweat less, experience less tiredness and the air will remain fresh rather than heavy and dense.

Meaning that stuffy noses, itchy eyes and skin rashes are kept to a minimum no matter how you’ve been spending your time in the sun.

A good unit has the ability to dehumidify your home build in, so you’ll have peace of mind all summer and beyond.


Sweltering summer nights can chronically disturb our bedtimes, affecting our energy levels, immune systems and mental health.

It is well known that the environment we sleep in greatly impacts how rested we are, getting our deepest phases of quality sleep when we are cool in the evening.

This boosts our melatonin levels, acting as a powerful antioxidant.

With British summertime conditions notoriously hard to predict, if the weather hits a cold spell you can be assured that your dual-action unit will provide blasts of warm air to heat your space when needed.

High specification air conditioning allows you to take better control of your circadian rhythms all year round.


On top of the fact that air conditioning units can help you to keep hot and moist air out of your home, they are great for deterring and catching insects too.

The filters used in air-con units can help to keep insects at bay and protect your household from any potential bites or irritation caused by insect allergies.


If you live in a warm country or know that the summer is going to bring with it particularly high temperatures, having air conditioning installed can help to protect your furniture and household items from the heat too.

If your home reaches high temperatures consistently, it can cause all kinds of issues with wood, leather and really any fabric that allows mould or damp to spread.

By regulating the temperature of your home and preventing the build-up of excess moisture, you can prevent your furniture or floors from warping or growing potentially harmful mould.

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