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Explore Top Reasons for Seal Coating Your Parking Lot or Driveway

Seal coating is certainly the best way of maintaining a commercial parking lot or a driveway or any other surface that is asphalt paved. Many of you often wonder if the seal coating is at all necessary.

You often assume that you could skip seal coating for saving costs. However, experts believe that there are many reasons why seal coating your parking lot or driveway is a must.

As per https://www.forbes.com, property maintenance is always quite critical; however, it becomes doubling crucial in the commercial real estate scenario where the demand is declining. Proper maintenance could be regarded as a differentiator or a great value proposition for you.

image - Explore Top Reasons for Seal Coating Your Parking Lot or Driveway
Explore Top Reasons for Seal Coating Your Parking Lot or Driveway

Parking lots are crucial for all commercial properties as they provide vehicle owners with perfect places for parking their vehicles.

However, it is quite natural for parking lots to go through wear and tear and inevitable damage over time because of heavy traffic. Parking lots start staining and cracking at a much faster rate as compared to concrete.

Luckily, there seems to be an easy solution for the natural wear and tear and that is getting your parking lots and driveways seal coated.

We know that seal coating is all about an application of thin liquid layer evenly over an already paved surface for creating a robust, uniform buffer, and for renewing and restoring asphalt commercial parking lots and driveways.

Here are some of the most critical reasons for getting parking lots seal-coated.

Why Use Sealcoating?

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It Is Truly Cost-Effective

The greatest advantage of getting the parking lots seal-coated is that you would pay less for any major or persistent parking lot repairs over some time.

Sealcoating may not be able to completely prevent the parking lot from small cracks; however, it could prove successful in keeping the cracks from getting worse or causing asphalt failure. You could rest assured that you do not have to pay for costly repairs down the road.

If you do not opt for seal coating, you may have to get the asphalt parking lot fully repaved that could prove to be immensely bothersome besides, being a very expensive process.

Ideally, you must get your asphalt parking lot or driveway seal-coated every couple of years or so because this sort of a preventive service could end up saving thousands of dollars for you.

It Boosts Curb Appeal

Most property owners and even business owners have realized the importance of curb appeal. No wonder they never hesitate to invest in careful design signage and professional landscaping that would focus on capturing the inherent spirit and vision of the business.

Sometimes parking lot maintenance is overlooked despite it being an important aspect of the commercial property’s overall curb appeal.

Asphalt surfaces often tend to easily crack and even lose their luster or the jet-black color due to the sun’s scorching heat, rainfall, snow, and other harsh elements of weather. Seal coating helps in making your existing parking lot look brighter and darker.

A fresh coat of seal coating will provide an attractive new look to your parking lot. Moreover, the parking lot would look inviting and professional to the community.

Seal coating would help in protecting your driveway or parking lot against the notorious freeze-thaw cycle and water.

Moreover, the seal coating helps in protecting your parking lots against the drying and damaging effects of the scorching sun as well. Boost the overall appearance of your property with effective parking lot sealing by Jet-Seal.

Seal Coating Is Best for Extending Pavement Life

Seal coating helps in adding a protective shield on your parking lot or driveway. This protective layer could prove to be immensely beneficial as you head towards the winter months that are accompanied by precipitation, cold temperatures, and frost.

Seal coating would be acting as a protective shield from the above-mentioned harsh elements and it helps in extending the pavement life.


Seal coating helps in filling surface voids and safeguarding your asphalt surfaces from the harsh elements throughout the year. Seal Coating is certainly not something that you could do without. It is an integral part of the overall maintenance of your commercial property.