Featured of Renting Portable Storage in Edmonton

Renting Portable Storage in Edmonton

Portable storage in Edmonton offers a convenient alternative to moving truck rentals for a DIY run. When it comes to renovation and remodelling, residential or commercial relocation, portable moving, and storage containers provide an ideal solution. If you’ve been thinking about renting moving truck for your subsequent move, you may have thought about renting a portable moving and storage container.

Renting Portable Storage in Edmonton

Renting Portable Storage in Edmonton

For some, they could be in need of portable moving and storage container for relocation or storing of goods. Regardless of your lack, for you to make an informed decision, points highlighted below would guide you before you head to make a call to require one.

Benefits of Using Portable Storage Over Moving Truck Rentals

Interestingly, there are several benefits attached to the use of portable storage over the use of moving truck rentals. I will make mention of 8 outstanding benefits.

  1. Entrust the Driver to Someone Else

Driving a large moving truck is entirely different from a passenger truck or driving a car. It isn’t an easy task to come by. Backing up, turning and parking for an experienced driver could even be a difficult task need I talk about an amateur handling it.

At a mini break, either stopping to fill a Tommy tank at the filling station would be accompanied with stress. However, it’s never so with portable storage Edmonton; it’s pretty easy to place an order for a pickup and delivery allowing a professional handle the driving.

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  1. They Sit at Ground Level

In the real sense, moving trucks don’t sit comfortably at the ground level. Thus, it allows you to make loading and unloading stress-free as the process requires no steps or lift for navigation. Additionally, horizontal loading mechanism ensures that during transporting from the old area to a new place, it is then your belongings can correctly and perfectly stay in place, undamaged and safe to the new destination.

No Pressure of a Tight TimeFrame - Renting Portable Storage in Edmonton

  1. No Pressure of a Tight TimeFrame

What several companies do is to rent portable containers by the month so that they would have sufficient time to carry out the loading and unloading, the luxury they’d not enjoy had they chose a moving truck.

Furthermore, if at all you’d be considering and comparing the cost of portable storage and moving vehicle, take into consideration the time required and the leisure you’d enjoy when you are to make use of compact storage, that way, you won’t be glued aside cost, but you’d compare the overall value!

  1. Cost is Expository in the Use of Portable Storage

Let’s face the fact! You don’t have all that in the use of moving truck. Why? When you rent a moving truck, you are required to pay for the fuel used, which apparently, it is never cheap, besides that, you will have to pay for insurance, and other additional toll fees. Furthermore, for unexpected extra mileage, it can incur more cost and the need to tow your vehicle if you have no one to drive it.

  1. Convenient Sizing

Using portable storage offer you proper sizing for all your need.  For example, ALTA Storage bins are 8 ft tall by 7 1/2 ft wide, and 16 ft in length. Contrary to some opinions that that storage size is limited, the portable storage capacity can be equivalent to the one-ton moving truck, nonetheless with the flexibility of your choice. Moving truck is rigid that they can’t be as flexible as making use of portable storage.

  1. Solid Steel Construction

A skeptic mind might even ask why solid steel construction is needed? Put simply, the weather condition in some part of the country is so terrible that it could affect your belongings. Nonetheless, the custom-made containers are perfectly designed to withstand a harsh weather condition. Furthermore, each unit of the construction features steel for extension use and with no risk of wear and tear.

Safely Sealed - Renting Portable Storage in Edmonton

  1. Safely Sealed

That’s good news. Portable storage is windowless, watertight, wholly shielded away from the effect of rainfall, snow, and sunlight. Although, because of the danger of water infiltration, small canopy air vent allow fresh air circulation. Doors designed are Highly secured. For example, the entries display and advance locking system for controlled security. Thus you can lock your room the way it pleases you and keeps the key.

  1. There is no point loading Multiple Times

Once you’ve moved your items inside the portable storage container, they stay inside securely protected and locked not until you as the owner is fully ready for it. Amazingly, in a bit to gladden the heart of those involved you, renters of portable moving and storage containers, companies that rent out to clients also offer them warehousing storage either on a long-term basis or short-term basis.

Having highlighted the benefits entrenched in the use of portable storage, some points must be noted:

  • Weight Limit And Size Must Be Subject of Consideration — Before you rent, be sure of the size and weight limit because companies size differs a lot.
  • Be Sure of The Space You Have — It is a must to analyze how much space you have before placing an order. I’d suggest doing that way before the call.
  • Warehouses, Additional and Transport Services — Unfortunately, it is not every company that offers warehousing services, in affiliation, with rental and transportation. Make inquiry first before any money transaction.
  • Request Professionals packer — Sadly though, it is not all these companies that come up that do that. Typically, professional packers always offer clients with packing and unpacking, yet, it is nice that you make an inquiry about this and additionally, ask for the cost of operation.


Conclusively, you can see the benefits that await you for using portable storage in Edmonton, and additionally, you have been able to note the critical factors to be considered when you needed to rent a small room.

Nonetheless, do not forget that you can get free online quotations, request for service when it’s convenient for you, pack the self- storage container at your own pace, pick and relocate, and get quick access to your destination. When you do all these, your experience will be no far from pleasantness.

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