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Residential Window Cleaning: 3 Do’s and Don’ts

Your residential windows aren’t exempted from accumulating dust, grimes, and dirt over time, no matter where you live.

With external conditions like weather changes, air pollution, flying insects, and other debris attaching to your glasses, it’s next to normal to think of cleaning them regularly.

Much like any other feature and aspect of your home, your windows also need some TLC.

image - Residential Window Cleaning: 3 Do's and Don’ts
Residential Window Cleaning: 3 Do’s and Don’ts

However, do you know that some homeowners perform routine maintenance care for their windows in the wrong way? It’s crucial to be aware of the dos and don’ts of cleaning these casements.

By doing so, you can ensure the quality and condition of your windows for a long time and maximize their purpose. Take note of the following dos and don’ts for your window cleaning sessions:

Do: Hire the Pros

Some water, vinegar, and other cleaning remedies are often thought of as you clean windows. Although this is partly true, you might actually miss out on optimized results if you settle on them. You may clean your windows, but only the pros can achieve professional results.

When it comes to cleaning your house’s windows, you’ll need the assistance of a professional.

Professional window cleaners are trained to use different tools and methods than regular cleaners. With their experience and expertise, they know a wide range of solutions to tackle stubborn window stains and markings.

Cleaning your windows with a professional will prevent potential hazards while keeping them sparkling clean. Residential window cleaning is a messy and potentially dangerous task if you do it yourself, primarily if you reside in a tall complex or apartment.

Wet surfaces pose a risk of slips or falls, but professionals are trained to handle themselves safely without causing harm.

Additionally, professionals use various techniques to clean your windows such as squeegee and poles with brushes, allowing them to reach throughout the most challenging corners of your windows.

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Do: Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

It can be hard to know which window cleaner to use because there are so many on the market. It’s pretty standard for homeowners to go the natural route and use vinegar and water.

Some also use glass cleaners and dishwashing soaps diluted in water. All these can work effectively on your windows but keeping streaks to a minimum is an essential part of cleaning.

It’s best to use sustainable cleaning solutions if you’re worried about your indoor or outdoor plants located near the windows.

Do: Start Cleaning from the Top

No matter what type of windows you have, start cleaning windows on the top floor of a story building as you work your way down. Not only will this yield better results, but it’s also time-efficient.

Clean every windowpane according to the same principle. Ensure you clean each pane from top to bottom to prevent dirty water from running down onto your freshly cleaned surfaces. This also minimizes streaks on your windows.

Don’t: Use Old Rags to Dry Windows

Newspapers can be used to dry glass panes, but reusable microfiber cloths are more efficient.

Don’t: Use Old Rags to Dry Windows

Glass is left shiny and streak-free after using them since they’re super absorbent and easy to wash and clean. Don’t use old rags on your windows as the worn-down fabric will only scratch the surfaces even more.

Old rags could contain lint and other particles that leave more markings on your window. Hence, invest in microfiber cloths instead. Some products are specifically intended for glass surfaces.

Don’t: Perform the Task Without the Right Tools

You shouldn’t even bother cleaning your windows if you lack the appropriate tools, equipment, and solutions. You’d rather hire the pros and save your health and safety, as well as costs.

Accidents can happen anytime, and it’s even more costly than hiring experts to do this relatively trivial task. Also, think about how much money you need to shell out to buy tools for cleaning and compare that to the cost of hiring professionals.

Don’t: Clean All Windows in One Day

The windows only need to be cleaned once or twice a year, and it’s easier to do it room by room if you divide the task up. But don’t ever rush the process as this will only worsen the condition of your windows.

If you have multiple floors or many windows in your house, you may find it challenging to maintain your windows.

The key is to divide the task accordingly and ease through with them. Even if it’ll all take a few days, the important thing is the task is performed with quality and not in a mediocre way.


Maintaining the upkeep of your windows is essential for any home as they’re the exterior parts of your home.

They could contribute to the overall aesthetic value. With the dos and don’ts information above, you can soon achieve better results for your glistening windows.