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4 Secrets No One Tells You About Moving into a New Home

Does the idea of moving house send chills down your spine? Then chances are you’ve already Googled “moving tips” in the hope of making your upcoming relocation stress-free.

You’ve also likely asked your friends, coworkers, and family members to share their recommendations for a hassle-free relocation.

image - 4 Secrets No One Tells You About Moving into a New Home
4 Secrets No One Tells You About Moving into a New Home

Most of the advice you get will center around finding a professional moving company and decluttering your belongings before you start packing.

Some helpful friends will suggest that you take the time to label all cardboard boxes and decide what goes where in your new home.

But if you’re looking for ways to ease the transition into your new home, you won’t find too many helpful tips.

Packing and moving your belongings is only part of the relocation process. Setting up your new home requires just as much planning and foresight.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a few lesser-known things about settling in a new home. Also, we’ll list useful tips to make the transition seamless. Let’s get started.

1. Don’t Skip the Walkthrough

Depending on the location of your new home, you might have visited the place a few times already.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to take a walk inside the property once right before the movers arrive with your furniture, appliances, and other belongings.

As a ground rule, make sure you reach the property at least an hour before the movers.

The house is going to be empty, this helping you spot any pending repairs that were supposed to be taken care of.

You can also check whether all the switches, plug points, lighting fixtures, and taps are in working condition.

If the previous owner, landlord, or realtor had promised to provide you with certain appliances or furnishing, check whether those are present. Otherwise, immediately contact them to sort things out.

A walkthrough of the property will also help you decide how you want to set up your new home.

Take the time to figure out whether you want the dining next to the kitchen counter or near the balcony.

Similarly, figure out how you want to position the bed and other furniture in your bedroom.

2. Find a Dependable Locksmith

One thing that most homeowners and tenants don’t realize is that the keys to their new home have changed hands multiple times.

Between previous tenants, owners, and landlords to brokers and realtors, your home keys have done their bit of traveling.

It’s time you put them to rest and change the locks of all doors that provide entry to your living space.

Ideally, you should get in touch with experienced and trusted locksmith services even before you’re ready to move in.

It’ll save you the trouble of looking for a good locksmith while you’re busy setting up your home.

Ask your realtor/broker, as well as other residents in the neighborhood, to recommend a locksmith service.

Apart from lock installation, you could also consider getting a high-quality home security system.

It’s one of those things that you hope you never need but can save you from the regret of not being proactive and responsible.

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3. Living Out of Boxes Is a Thing

Don’t expect that your new home is going to be set up and ready on the first day or even in the first week.

Depending on your work schedule, it’ll take weeks or even months before you’ve unpacked all those cardboard boxes.

Instead of obsessing over how long it’s going to unpack all the boxes, you should pack your essentials in a separate box (or boxes).

It should include everything you’re going to need during your first week in the new home.

Also, it’s wiser to have an unpacking strategy in mind before you lay your hands on the boxes.

If you enjoy cooking up a storm, start organizing the kitchen first. Alternatively, if you’re working from home, consider setting up your home office before anything else.

Make sure you get the movers to set up the bedroom on the first day to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

4. Outline a Waste Disposal Plan

Between cardboard boxes and other packaging materials, you’re going to end up accumulating a ton to waste throughout the move.

On top of that, if you buy new furniture or appliances, you’ll have to deal with an additional pile of trash.

And before you know it, your guest room or second bathroom will turn into a junkyard.

The best way of avoiding that scenario is to outline a waste disposal plan. Check with your moving company to find out whether they reuse packaging materials.

Otherwise, get in touch with a waste management center in your area to recycle the waste.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

The stress of relocating and settling into a new home can be overwhelming. But remember that nothing beats the joy of seeing your dream living space slowly come together.

Plan things in advance and keep your essentials handy to minimize the hassle.

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