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Selling A House Quickly – What Are the Options?

So, you have finally decided to sell that house and upgrade to a better one? You may also require quick cash to settle an emergency such as a hospital bill or even eviction.

Some people are forced to sell their houses to relocate to other places.

image - Selling A House Quickly - What Are the Options
Selling A House Quickly – What Are the Options

Closing the deal pretty fast is every seller’s dream, irrespective of the reason behind the sale. However, some people take months or even years before they can close that sale.

On the other hand, some only take days to do the same. Let us explore the different options available when you want to sell your home fast:

Get Cash Offers from House-Buying Companies

It is one of the best approaches to get that fast closure. The company will evaluate the value of your house and present an offer that matches its market value.

The good thing about most of these cash buyers is that they get the home as it is. You thus do not have to incur extra costs such as renovations or getting the house ready for sale.

The ideal company should have all the connections needed to get the sale underway. Monte Buys Houses – Orange County presents offers within 24 hours, which speeds up the selling process.

Such a company will present you with a form that you will fill and then send an inspector to check your home state.

The beauty of selling through such companies is that you do not incur fees such as commissions or listing fees.

Sell on Your Own

It is a good approach if you possess some good marketing skills or you have the right connections. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you get a valuer to help you determine your home’s market value.

Such an expert can also indicate some of the improvements that you can make to increase the chances of selling your home.

You can have posters or billboards showing people that you are selling a home. Such posters or billboards should be in strategic locations.

Social media is another option where you can get potential buyers and close the sale. Some of the best platforms include Facebook and Instagram.

These platforms allow you to target people based on certain demographics and increases the chances of closing a sale. Ensure that you upload images and videos of the property that you intend to sell.

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Work with Real Estate Agents

There are thousands of real estate brokers that have the right connections to sell your house. Such agents will get a commission after closing the sale.

Commissions vary from one region to another, and they can vary from 4-10%. Avoid any agent that demands an upfront payment to ‘push’ your sale.

Ensure that you get an agent with a high closing rate and excellent reviews if you want your property to move fast.

The ideal agent is one that understands the local real estate market. Such an agent should also have the right network with government agencies and lawyers to help close the deal.

The real estate agent should evaluate your needs and then tailor them towards the target market.

Such an agent should advise you accordingly on some of the best offers, the home upgrades needed, and what you should avoid.


Auctioning is a selling technique that has been operational for years. There will be different buyers who will give different offers, and you settle on the highest.

You can decide to hold a public auction where interested buyers will come and present different offers. You can also use bidding sites where online buyers can also try their luck.

A property should have a base price (the least that you can accept). The auction should also have a timeframe and allow people to bid competitively.

There should also be terms that the bidders should follow to join the race.

List Your Property in A Marketplace

What happens when you want to get some household items for your house? You will definitely go to your local store and get some.

There are also dedicated marketplaces where you can sell your home. Such marketplaces differ, and you must thus determine what works in your area.

A simple Google search on real estate apps can land you on some of the best platforms.

Some of these platforms are free, and they simply match you with potential buyers. You are also likely to find some that charge you a listing fee to have the property on the marketplace.

Lastly, some will only get a cut of the final price after you close a sale.

Above are some of the best approaches that you can use today to sell your home fast. However, you must ensure that you have all the documentation ready before presenting that house for sale.

Evaluate how fast you want to sell your property against the offers you get and make an informed decision.