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Top Tips on How to Make Your Home Minimalist

A minimalist home focuses on things that you use, need, and bring joy. The saying that less is more applies to it. Think of modern, clean, and relaxing; that’s what minimalism is all about.

A misconception about minimalism in the home is not having decors or having a few things. But that’s not the case because you can still decorate and have the necessary stuff as long as they are vital for you, and they do not make the house look busy or cluttered. If you want to achieve a minimalist home, here are some tips to consider

image - Top Tips on How to Make Your Home Minimalist
Top Tips on How to Make Your Home Minimalist

Take Baby Steps

Transitioning from an over-the-top home to a minimalist one doesn’t happen overnight. One of the benefits of minimalism is that it brings calmness or makes you feel more relaxed. Trying to do everything at once can be overwhelming, and it defeats the purpose.

Do not make it a race; but instead, do a gradual change. Focus on one area first, then move to the next to make the process more enjoyable. Also, it may be hard to let go of things you have at first, so taking it one step at a time will help you adjust better.

Make An Inventory

Check the things you have around the house, see which ones you truly need and those dear to you, and get rid of the others. You may give them to family or friends that may like them or donate to charity or organizations that may accept them.

If you want to make money from the extra stuff you no longer need, start a garage sale, or sell them online. You may also repurpose items that you have to work with your minimalist style. For example, you can paint an old cabinet white and use that as storage.

You may use simple boxes and containers to put in the cabinet to store various items, such as beauty products, toys, and art materials

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Go For Neutral Colours

Since minimalism aims to bring calmness and peace, neutral colors are the best options. White, beige, and grey are some examples. Paint your wall with one of these colors, and choose furniture and items with similar tones, like your couch, throw pillow, and curtains or blinds.

Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

Dual-purpose furniture is perfect for a minimalist home because since they offer various uses, you can limit the objects you have in your house. They are also helpful for homes with limited spaces. An example of this is a couch or chair that also works as storage.

A chair may have a removable seat cover where you can store things. You can also find a sofa with cabinets that you can pull at the bottom for extra storage.

Get Bespoke Cabinets

Bespoke cabinets like those you will find at www.myfittedbedroom.com are an excellent addition to a minimalist house. Since they are customized, they will fit perfectly into your space and maximize their use.

You can choose the design and color you want, although as mentioned, it’s best to stick to neutral hues to make it tranquil.

Incorporate Hidden Storages

The key to a minimalist home is to remove things that make the place messy and busy. Hidden storages are an excellent solution. For instance, have hidden cabinets incorporated in your bed to store things like documents or shoes?

Do the same under the kitchen countertop to keep cooking utensils and other items you use for cooking. It will let you keep your countertop neat, giving a clean and welcoming feel.

Bring More Light

Bring more natural light in the house to make it look brighter, warmer, and homey. Use curtains that you can easily open or blinds that efficiently roll up for the light to come in. Install LED lights with subtle designs.

Pin lights are also ideal since they are hidden, and they also give that modern and elegant touch.

Choose A Focal Point for Your Home

As stated above, minimalism isn’t equivalent to a lack of decoration or a dull home. Feel free to add decors, but be sure not to go overboard. Instead, pick one or two things that will serve as the focal point of the space.

For example, unique artwork or a huge decorative clock will be a great addition to your living room. It will grab the guests’ attention, but it will not be overwhelming because there’s only one or two of them.

Select Simple Door and Window Designs

There are different designs for doors and windows to choose from nowadays. There are those with intricate designs. However, since one of the characteristics of a minimalist home is simplicity, opt for those with basic designs.

Basic also does not mean dull. Most modern homes use basic windows and door designs, so you’re not just in style at the moment, but it’s a classic design, so it will never run out of style.

Clean As You Go

Once you achieve the minimalist home you are after; the challenge is its upkeep. It’s easy to go back to your old ways if you are not mindful. Stay disciplined, and make it a habit to clean as you go to keep things tidy. As soon as you are done using something, put it back in its proper place.

Avoid Impulsive Buying

Plan on what you need to buy and stick with it. If you want to buy something, think several times before making a purchase. Ask yourself if it’s something you need, will it make your home look too busy, or will it make you genuinely happy. Then, base your decision on the answers to the questions.

Do Not Buy Bulk Items

You may be tempted to buy things in bulk because of the savings that you will get. For instance, if you need to purchase a couple of plates, buying six will give you a 25% discount on the total purchase.

So you might want to buy them because of a great deal. However, you end up storing four plates because you will not use them. That’s not minimalism.

Transitioning from your everyday lifestyle to adopting minimalism at home may not be easy, but it’s doable with discipline. Take it one step at a time, and be consistent as it will help develop a routine that will make things easier in the long run.