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7 Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Most of us take precautions over the winter, perhaps this year more than ever, to boost our immune systems and keep our families healthy.

We take vitamins, practice good personal hygiene, and do our best to avoid illness. But, few of us stop to consider how healthy our homes are.

Without care and attention, our houses can become unhealthy, filled with harmful bacteria and damp air, and suddenly, no matter what we do outside of our houses, we can find that we are experiencing skin conditions, coughs and colds, and other illnesses.

Here’s a look at seven of the easiest ways that you can create a healthier home.

image - 7 Ways to Create a Healthier Home
7 Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Improve Air Quality

We can often tell when the air in our home has become damp or stale. It might smell musty, and the air can start to feel heavy.

Sometimes, it’s a case of simply opening the windows for a little each day. But, repairing or servicing your air conditioning could also help, especially if it hasn’t been serviced for a while.

If you need any help, contact for AC repair or book a service for your AC at bobheinmiller.com. They service all brands and makes, and should be able to help you and your family quickly.

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Don’t Let Mold Spread

Modern homes are much more efficient when it comes to keeping warm air in and cold air out. In the winter, however, this can mean that humidity is high, and that damp walls, window frames, and bathrooms become moldy.

A little mold might not seem like much, but if left it will spread, and seriously impact the health of your home. If you notice even a spot of mold, treat it immediately and remember to check behind furniture regularly.

Get into Good Cleaning Habits

Often the best thing that we can do to improve the health of our homes is to keep them clean. Get into good habits, making sure you wash bedding and towels at least once a week, and create a rota, to make sure those hard-to-see areas are never missed for long.


Clutter gives bacteria and dust places to hide and grow. Decluttering can improve the air quality and overall cleanliness of your home and make it easier to clean and keep clean in the future.

Keep Warm

A cold home can affect your immune system, making it easier for infection to get in. Have a boiler service, and make sure there are no draughts or cold spots. Then, set your thermostat, and keep warm.

Take Off Your Shoes

When we come in from the outdoors, we bring dirt, dust, and all sorts of nasties in with us. Even if you wipe your feet, chances are you are walking some of them through your house, treading them into your carpets. Talk your shoes off and switch to slippers by the door to keep these bad guys out.

Bring Nature in

Having plants and flowers at home can help to improve the atmosphere, air quality, and aroma. They’ll also improve your mental health, and help you to relax and sleep. A few simple houseplants can make a big impact.

Implementing these mostly simple changes can mean that your home is healthier, the air is purer, the atmosphere is fresher, and even that it smells better. All of these can improve your home life and protect your health.

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