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6 Advantages of Outdoor Aluminium Window Shutters

It is said that window shutters were first utilized during the mid-16th century, a time when glass windows were only found in homes of the ultra-rich. Back then, shutters were made of solid wood and were utilized for practical reasons like letting air and light in when needed.

In Australia, window shutters became a common inclusion in homes beginning in the 1960s. Perhaps you reside in a coastal city in Australia like Brisbane and are inspired to have outdoor window shutters installed at your home.

You may begin to think about the pros and cons when choosing between traditional wooden shutters and aluminium window shutters.

image - 6 Advantages of Outdoor Aluminium Window Shutters
6 Advantages of Outdoor Aluminium Window Shutters

Here are 6 advantages of choosing outdoor aluminium window shutters over wooden shutters for your home in Brisbane.

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One of the main advantages of aluminium shutters over wooden shutters is its durability. As with any type of natural material, you will have to eventually replace or repair them because they are constantly exposed to the elements.

This means wooden shutters are not as durable as aluminium shutters, as aluminium is not a type of material that will quickly degrade even when exposed to extreme weather. This makes aluminium’s durability one advantage over wooden shutters.


Another advantage of aluminium Brisbane shutters over standard wooden shutters is protection. Not just protection from the elements, aluminium shutters can provide enhanced protection against intruders over wooden shutters.

For this reason, you may have noticed that aluminium shutters are often installed at businesses or other commercial establishments.

Aluminium shutters can withstand strong storms like willy willies or cyclones as well as the brute force from would-be intruders. This particular quality trait of aluminium is a trait that you should take advantage of to protect yourself, your family, and your home.


When you think about choosing between wood material over aluminium, you may assume that choosing the former would cost less than the latter. On the contrary, choosing wooden shutters over aluminium shutters will actually cost you more. Why? It goes back to aluminium’s first advantage, durability.

Since aluminium is built with durability in mind, it is no surprise that aluminium has a longer “shelf-life.”

Because of aluminium’s durability that directly contributes to its longevity, choosing aluminium shutters over wooden shutters offers you a cost-effective solution to protect your home from the elements and intruders.


Aluminium is as strong as steel but is much lighter in weight. This is an advantage over wooden shutters because aluminium shutters are easier to handle, providing you unmatched convenience.

You also will not have to be concerned about whether a wall is load-bearing or not. Aluminium shutters offer unsurpassed durability and protection without the burden of a heavyweight when opening or closing them.

No Rust

Although wooden shutters will not rust, they will, however, rot and damage over time. Aluminium shutters typically have an impermeable oxide layer that protects itself from rust, making aluminium’s anti-corrosive properties another advantage over wooden shutters.


Aluminium shutters can come in a variety of colours and finishes, but it is in the reflective characteristic that also makes it an advantage over wooden shutters.

Aluminium’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays during the summer months will allow your home to efficiently be cooler. During wintery months, closing aluminium shutters can act as insulation, trapping, and keeping heat inside your home.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention 6 advantages of outdoor aluminium shutters over wooden shutters for your home in Brisbane. With a wide array of beneficial properties that aluminium window shutters can provide, you may also be inspired to incorporate both traditional and contemporary elements into the design of your home’s exterior.

Acquiring and installing aluminium windows shutters offers you the best of both worlds. This means you will be able to take advantage of all the quality characteristics and properties of aluminium without sacrificing looks or aesthetics. As mentioned, aluminium shutters can come in a variety of colours and finishes.

So, whether you are looking for a modern look, a traditional look, or a little bit of both for your home’s exterior, choosing aluminium shutters will provide you with the versatility and reliability you have always been looking for when it comes to choosing the right type of window shutters for your home.

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