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5 Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

A bathroom is…well, it’s where you do your business.

But that’s not all it is. A bathroom can make a statement—and an awesome bathroom can say a lot about who you are.

So what will your bathroom say about you? Will it say you’re creative? Inspired? Avant-garde? A bathroom may cater to the basest aspects of human life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t reflect our loftiest aspirations.

image - 5 Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation
5 Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

So that brings us to the matter at hand. If you’re thinking about renovating, you’re going to want some bathroom remodeling ideas. Fortunately, there are plenty of them out there, and we’ve assembled five of what we think are some of the best.

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  1. Think Outside the Box

The first thing you need to think about when it comes to bathroom renovation ideas is to get creative.

And this may mean changing your ideas about the whole nature of a bathroom’s interior space. We’re all used to the same, boring concept of the dinky little bathroom with its four walls and boxy shape.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Consider opting for a differently-shaped space, such as a circular stand-up shower, when spitballing bathroom design ideas. It’s bold and original, and it’ll definitely make an impression on guests.

  1. Awesome Bathrooms Include Wallpaper

Don’t fight us on this one.

We know. It doesn’t seem like wallpaper is a great choice for a bathroom remodel ideas. But if it’s done tastefully and properly, wallpaper can be a great way to complement your design aesthetic.

Consider, for instance, an attractive botanical print, or a tasteful pattern scheme that can’t be easily achieved with a paint job. Don’t go overboard—wallpaper needn’t be plastered all over your bathroom walls.

But as a complement to other decorative features in your bathroom, wallpaper can certainly do the trick.

  1. Don’t Get Sunk by Your Sink

When you’re in the midst of a bathroom renovation, it can be easy to overlook the sink.

But you shouldn’t forget this element. Most people think of the sink in terms of a standard, ceramic white. But you’d be surprised how you can make the colors pop in your bathroom by giving it a fresh paint job.

Think of it as something like an accent wall. Painting the exposed bowl of a trough sink, for instance, can really bring out the colors in your bathroom.

And while you’re changing sinks and remodeling the plumbing, here are some bathroom gutting hacks to help your renovation.

  1. Patterned Tile

Using patterned floor tiles is another one of those great bathroom ideas that have gained a lot of currency lately.

Tile companies have found ways to complement your creativity, designing a plethora of colorful and intricate tile patterns. Say goodbye to drab floor tiles!

  1. Get Artsy

Most people don’t think of bathrooms as spaces to display artwork.

Don’t fall for that. A great way to make your bathroom stand out is to experiment with three-dimensional art on the walls. It’s playful and interesting, and gives you something to contemplate in your bathroom while you’re…you know, going to the bathroom.

Remodel Your Bathroom With Style

Okay, there you have it. These five ideas will help you design that awesome bathroom that you’ve always wanted. After all, with all the time you spend in the loo, you might as well make it pretty.

Hopefully, this article inspires you with fresh ideas. And while you’re here, please check out our other great home improvement articles.

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