Your bathroom is probably one of the most important rooms in your house. But it’s also the most undervalued.

When you think about the bathroom, it doesn’t usually evoke feelings of “happiness”. Wait until it stops working, though, and you’ll realize how much you appreciate it!

The truth is that organizing and caring for your bathroom can make your life easier. When you know where to find things, it won’t take you as long to get ready for work or school in the morning.

Plus, everyone knows that a clean bathroom is more pleasant than a dirty one. And an organized, efficient bathroom is way easier to clean than a cluttered one.

image - 7 Bathroom Design Secrets for a Happier Lifestyle

7 Bathroom Design Secrets for a Happier Lifestyle

So if your bathroom is messy and disorganized, keep reading. Here are seven-bathroom design tips that can significantly improve your lifestyle:

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1. Declutter It All and Start Fresh

Chances are you’ve accumulated loads of “junk” in your bathroom that isn’t supposed to be there. If every drawer is jammed with clutter, you might not even remember what’s in them!

Frequent travelers are especially guilty of cluttering. If this is you, take the opportunity to get rid of those hotel freebies that are piling up. They can be put to better use than collecting dust on your shelf.

Homeless shelters and other charities are usually in urgent need of shampoo and other toiletries. By giving your unused products away, you can do a good deed and clean up your bathroom at the same time.

Expired medications must be disposed of properly. If you have controlled substances that you’re not going to use, return them to your doctor. Otherwise, visit to find out how to get rid of expired and unwanted prescriptions.

Either way, take everything off your shelves and out of your cabinets. Pile everything you’re keeping off to the side until you’re ready to return it to its new, organized home.

2. Disinfect and Clean Everything

A clean bathroom is a happy place. While your shelves and cabinets are bare, give them a full scrubbing. Make sure to spray everything down with an antimicrobial disinfectant to kill germs.

Since the bathroom is full of moisture, it’s easy for mold and mildew to breed in there, especially on shelves and in drawers.

You can prevent this by putting washable coverings, such as Con-Tact paper, inside your drawers and on your shelves. And if you need help from experts, you can follow this link

You can also spread thin towels across each surface to absorb moisture. The benefit of this technique is that you can replace the towels with clean ones every few days.

Make sure you bleach and sanitize every inch of your bathroom, even those hard-to-reach areas. And once you’re done, add scrubbing the bathroom to your weekly cleaning checklist. Regular cleanings are the only way to keep germs at bay.

3. Hang Baskets on the Wall

Even with surface protectors, counters can be hard to keep clean. After all, dirt and germs aren’t the only things to worry about:

Clutter is just as big of a problem.

You can prevent junk from building up on your counters and shelves by hanging baskets and other containers on the wall. These will give you a space to keep washcloths, toilet tissue, and other bathroom essentials.

Your counters will be empty, and your bathroom will look far more streamlined and organized. Just make sure that your baskets don’t become cluttered themselves!

4. Organize Under the Counter

As you’re returning everything to its new home, be sure to use the space under the sink.

This isn’t always an easy feat since you may have to contend with plumbing pipes. But, the right organizers can help you take advantage of that space.

Expandable and stationary shelves come in many sizes, so you may be able to squeeze some under your sink fixtures.

If you have a wide space under your sink, add some pull-out drawers. That’ll give you a place for your hairdryers, flat irons, and other items with long, cumbersome cords.

5. Have a Plan for Waste and Laundry

Garbage is produced in every room, but the kitchen and bathroom are where most people keep their wastebaskets.  They’re also the germiest rooms in the house, so your waste plan should include frequent trash removal.

It may be for garbage, but your trash can doesn’t have to be ugly. Find one that matches your decor and adds to the room’s visual appeal instead of detracting from it.

If you have room for a laundry basket, get one. There’s no reason to keep a basket of dirty clothes in your bedroom if you can hide it in the bathroom closet.

6. Use Your Shower for Storage

When it comes to the bathroom, you probably spend the most time in the bathtub or shower. But this area is often the most under-utilized space in the room.

Of course, you won’t use your shower for storing random items. But anything that you use to clean your body can be kept in there.

With a few storage solutions, you can store more in the shower than you thought possible. Some suction cup baskets, a corner shelf, and a shower caddy will give you more than enough space for all of your bath products.

Then, everything you need in the shower will be at your fingertips. No more having to drip water on the floor to grab the item you forgot before you hopped in!

7. Label Everything (With Waterproof Labels!)

Whether you are a master in the art of calligraphy or you need to start at the basics with pre-printed stickers, labeling is just plain fun.

But it can also help you remember where each item goes. By assigning each area of your bathroom a different colored label, you’ll ensure that everything returns its proper home.

For example, you might give all of your under-the-sink items a green label. And the bottles that go on your shower caddy can get blue ones. You’ll never have to worry about re-sorting your bath products again!

Of course, be sure to buy some waterproof labels and ink. That’s the best way to make sure that the labels stay on each item and don’t end up stuck to your bathroom floor.


Who says a bathroom has to be ordinary?

With these design secrets, you can turn this oft-overlooked room into one of the most beautiful rooms in your home!

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