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5 Hallway Closet Organization Tactics to Stay More Organized

It’s easy to pretend your hall closet is organized when you can close the door and hide it. But every time you peek into that little room, the truth reveals itself:

Your closet is full of clutter.

The thing about a hallway closet is that it can be as useful or as useless as you make it.

Using it as a junk-catcher won’t hurt anybody. But if you use it the right way, your hallway closet can bring incredible organization to your home.

image - 5 Hallway Closet Organization Tactics to Stay More Organized
5 Hallway Closet Organization Tactics to Stay More Organized

If your house is in disarray and you feel like you just can’t pull it together, the problem might be in how you are using your hallway closet.

Try these five organization tips to see how correctly using this space can change your life!

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  1. Take Stock of the Current Situation

As with any issue, there can never be a solution until the problem is understood. In this case, the problem is your closet’s current level of disarray.

Take a minute to check things out before you jump in and start cleaning and decluttering.

Exactly how bad is it, anyway? Are you using the little area as a storage room for anything without a definite home?

Hallway closets can have multiple purposes. A catch-all isn’t the best one.

Yours may be best used as a linen closet, a central location for bathroom supplies and medicines, or something else.

No matter the size of your closet, decide what types of things you should keep in there. “Everything” is not the right answer.

  1. Apply Some Elbow Grease

Whenever you’re organizing a room, there always has to be a cleansing step. This is especially true for small areas like your hallway closet.

When it comes to cleaning, the best philosophy to have is to do it right the first time. As you begin tackling the mess, treat it like you don’t want to clean it again for a long time. If you do it well enough, you won’t have to do more than spot clean until next spring.

Clear out everything from top to bottom and grab your cleaning supplies. Scrub the flat surfaces and clean the molding and baseboards.

Even the door and ceiling should get a scrubbing. When your mission is to have a pristine closet, it’s crucial to clean every inch!

  1. Use Your Walls and Floor First

Expert organizers suggest making use of all of the flat space when you’re trying to get a small area under control. In a closet, you have walls and floor that are usually forgotten about.

There are quite a few ways to utilize this wasted area productively.

Hooks (either drilled into the wall or hung with an adhesive) are great for jackets, hats, purses, and anything else that can be hung.

Baskets don’t have to go on shelves. Instead, mount them to your walls. If you don’t want to put holes in the drywall, use a shower rod to hang them instead.

Shoes are the primary disorganization culprit in many homes. If you don’t have a place to store them, they get kicked off and tossed into piles.

Create a storage system for your footwear. The floor is the perfect place to keep a large tote or a more organized shoe tower. Shoe pegs are another common solution to footwear epidemics.

How you organize your shoes and boots is completely up to you. But, you should allow the size of your collection to dictate your solution. If you’re a shoe hoarder, you may want to dedicate your entire hallway closet to your shoes!

  1. Organize Your Shelving

When organizing your hallway closet, the right shelves, totes, and bins can make a world of difference.

Think about what you want to keep in your closet. Then, decide if your shelves are sufficient or if you need freestanding shelves.

Baskets and bins are great for housing linens, first aid supplies, and medicine.

Baskets with handles let you move heavier linens or bulky objects easily. Smaller bins with little drawers hold first aid goods and medicine for quick access.

Here’s a point to consider when choosing storage solutions:

Make sure your storage containers fit flush next to each other. Gaps between baskets or bins are dead space that could have been used more productively.

  1. Keep It Consistent

Organizing your closet is easy. Keeping it that way, on the other hand, is a challenge.

There are a few things you can do to make staying organized easier.

For example, you can label anything that isn’t already marked.

Labels can be fun and stylish or functional and simple. A label maker that does the work for you is fine, but you can always kick up the flair by getting some DIY ideas from Pinterest.

(Just wait until after you’ve finished organizing your closet before you delve deep into the abyss of Pinterest crafts.)

But even after your labels are posted and your closet is looking on point, the work is not done.

Now that you’re aware of the damage that can come from being careless with your closet space, don’t forget it!

Remember, staying organized is an ongoing process. To keep your closet orderly, you should take a few minutes each week to tidy up.


With a bit of work, your closet can become the most organized area of your home.

By using savvy storage solutions to keep your stuff in order, you’ll know exactly where to find whatever you’re looking for!

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Caitlin Sinclair has seven years of experience in managing high-end apartment communities. Her ability to deliver white-glove service to her residents and prospects has propelled her into a successful career that now finds her leading the team at Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch.

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