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Hollywood Regency or Coastal? Which is Better?

Interior Design is a good medium of self-expression and art that doesn’t have a restrictive definition of exactly how to do it right.

As such, it has a wide variety of styles, and actually, even your own style can count as a type of interior design. Whether it’s installing a pool fence or swapping out your glazed door, everything can give your home a new look.

However, when given a choice between two of the most noteworthy types, namely Hollywood Regency and Coastal Vibe, which is better? Further, Is there even a big difference between the two? Well, let’s find out.

image - Hollywood Regency

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Hollywood Regency

First of all, let us define Hollywood Regency.

Hollywood Regency is a design style that describes the interior design and landscape architecture illustrated by the use of colour and contrast.

It is frequently accompanied by metallic and glass accents. It is a style meant to feel frivolously overdone and pleasantly, extravagantly unbalanced, yet sleek and modern.

The extravagant setup of furniture is given attention through the plain white background presented by the wall. The background certainly accentuates the decorations along with the multicoloured chairs and tables.

You can also use the picture below as an example for rebuilding your living area or your dining space.

In Hollywood Regency, any furniture with flashy colours is applicable. Just don’t forget to use metallic elements like gold or silver.

Animal prints (zebra, cheetah), as well as detailed floral designs in both black-and-white and hues of single colours, are also used as rugs, tablecloths, and seat cushions.

Hollywood Regency is glitz and glamour covered in lacquer, chrome, and mirrored finishes. Every detail is meant to convey luxury and there is always the feeling that people should look good in the design – particularly if they are wearing satin bathrobes and sipping a cocktail.” By Rochelle Greayer

image - Hollywood Regency

The vibe of Hollywood Regency can also describe the traits of its owner through the presence of all that flashy décor.

This style shows how the owner has a distinctive taste in furniture which is seen in his/her combination and use of animal prints and zig-zag or crisscross prints.

A lively or sparkling life that is full of good vibes surely comes with this playful style of interior design.

Indeed, Hollywood Regency can also help us bring optimistic strength inside our house, because of the colourful prints and vibrant layout of curtains and chairs.

You can also mix your favourite colour and add some animal prints or even a gold side table lamp. Just remember to use an all-white colour for your wall to emphasize the designs and colours of your furniture.


The next style, Coastal, can be given the simple definition of “beachy”. Through the use of innate light, soft tones, and a neat aesthetic, it’s meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach.

Basically, it gives a vibe that feels like summer year-round inside your house.

We can see that this type of interior design style has a straightforward layout and simple features because of those very natural colours (light blues and greens) merging with a selection of creams.

However, the coastal style also has an exceptional beauty that will bring a relaxed yet elegant finish inside your house.

image - Coastal

If you are wondering about the first steps in making a coastal vibe in your house, substantial light must initially be added. Interiors should never feel fuzzy or cramped, but relatively, light, open, and airy.

The purpose of this is to feel as though there’s no boundary between indoors and outdoors making large windows or glass doors key.

In being able to create a relaxed, easy vibe, coastal design usually incorporates many natural features like furniture, often made out of wicker, rattan, or light weathered woods.

Rugs are generally straw, seagrass, or jute, and fabrics are simple and devoid of shine.

You will only see natural materials or light, billowy fabrics, like sheer curtain panels unlike that of the Hollywood regency style with metallic or flashy textures.

This coastal vibe is simply for those who want to experience relaxation inside their homes. This kind of style is widely used in beach houses, resorts, and hotels because of the relaxing vibe it provides for all the guests.

image - Coastal

Despite this, it can also be applied to your own house, especially if you go through stressful experiences every day.

The coastal vibe will really help you find peace at home and have a relaxing time while you leave the troublesome life you have out on your doorstep. This style is suitable for owners that want a simple yet beautiful vibe inside their house.

Hollywood Regency or Coastal?

So with the help of this information, which is better? Hollywood Regency, because of its flashy furniture and lively colours? Or the Coastal style with its simple and yet relaxing vibe?

For me, both of them are equally good choices, and the superior one can only be based on the preference of the house owner.

They are both beautiful and have the potential to have a good effect on your everyday life. You just have to evaluate yourself on what is really suitable for you and your own style.

Thoroughly choose an interior design style that is best for you so that it will take long before you decide to change it again.

Remember that choosing your own interior design style can also reflect your lifestyle. Do not choose a style just because you think it is popular or because other people think it looks good.

No matter what style of interior design you have, you should only be concerned with how much you yourself appreciate your own taste.

You don’t have to concern yourself with the judgment of others, you just have to show them how much this style has changed your life.

In comparing these two interior designs, I had no intention of discriminating against the different styles that they have. I just wanted you to realize that every style has its own beauty.

I hope this will help you to choose a design that you really want. I would be happy to hear your comments and to receive pictures of your own unique styles in interior design. Have a great day!