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10 Home Improvement Trends to Watch in 2020

When you decide to renovate or remodel your home, it is always encouraged by the experts to take a review of what’s popular and trending in the market.

If you are planning remodeling work after a long time then you’re in a great advantage.

The advancements in the remodeling field have grown with immense development and you have some great options to revamp the worth of your home and raise its worth.

10 Home Improvement Trends to Watch in 2019
Home Improvement Trends

10 Home Improvement Trends to Watch in 2020

Take a look at the top trends in the home improvement and design field whose popularity is going to be at its peak in 2020.

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Dark and Moody Colors

Homeowners have been looking to choose darker colors for their interior areas such as navy and forest green.

The reason behind this is the traditional mindset of having bright and white shades or colors in the home which the people are looking to modify for a changed atmosphere.

The idea of experimenting with richer colors has been generating great response from the homeowners.

However, people without any experience of feeling the advantages of the darker colors may hesitate a little.

Therefore, they are advised to witness some designs online or from painting experts in order to visualize the serene setting environment created by darker colors in the interior area of the home.

Velvet Furnishings

Velvet is one of the most repeated trends historically in different areas of the home. In 2020, it is expected to touch the furnishing aspect of the home.

The old fashioned fabric is now observed by the homeowners like the one with a luxurious feeling from the naked eye.

Moreover, velvet is made from several categories of fiber which results in the universal and affordable nature of the fabric.

Besides the appearance, it also provides a warmer experience that is very useful in areas with long winters. The sofas with velvet fabric would be an ideal addition in a home this year.

‘Tuxedo’ kitchens

It might be a new term for many of the homeowners, however, it is going to be extremely popular in 2020.

The tuxedo kitchen has black color as its supreme element in the cabinets, doors, and range hoods. The advantages of the black color start from creating a classic appearance with the white walls of the kitchen.

Furthermore, it hides scuff marks due to kids or pet play which is very significant for the overall look of the kitchen. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your home remodeler suggests you to have black color countertops and backsplashes with other features.

Open Floor Plans

According to the researches made on the home renovation, people are mostly looking for homes with open floor plans for a sense of larger space.

Apart from this, open floor plans allow homeowners to integrate different activities in one area such as cooking, dining, or family gatherings.

Furthermore, it is highly suitable for people having kids in their homes who will take the opportunity of an open floor with their fun playing.

In summer too, it is an ideal choice to have for letting in the open-air fewer energy costs of separate cooling appliances in the different portions of the home.

Master Bedroom Suites

It is the most preferred choice and top priority of luxury home lovers all across the globe. The package includes a bigger bathroom than usual, changing are with large size bedroom and an extra space or room for study or business meetings.

Moreover, the bathroom has modern features with expanded functionality.

The other feature that has been trending and is useful is the radiant floor heating system in the master bedroom which provides the warmer temperature at all areas of the master bedroom.

The demand for a master bedroom suite is going to be more rapid in 2020.

Kitchens that Open to the Outdoors

People with a lively mind and taste are always attracted to work in a kitchen that has an outside view. The kitchen is usually an area with hectic work, therefore, it is necessary to have fun and entertaining parts to it.

Therefore, people are looking to expand their kitchen areas towards outdoors for adding comfort in their life.

Furthermore, a patio along with the kitchen with a glass door is an ideal scenario to create for family gatherings and guest hostings.

It is highly recommended in areas with warmer climates where the workers in the kitchen want space fresh air to create a balanced atmosphere in the kitchen.

Vintage Lighting

The effective lighting system is always a part of the priority list when looking for a complete makeover of the home.

However, in recent past modern lighting systems such as LED had taken the place of vintage lighting style features which is no more the case with the start of 2020.

The trend has taken the center seat again among the homeowners for adding a classic feeling especially during dinner gatherings with guests.

Vintage pendants and sconces are the stuff that is expected by the pros in the home renovation field to take a whole new start in terms of popularity.

Smart Home Technology

The technology features are impacting every industry in the world and similarly, home improvement is no exception.

Smart home technology is changing life activities ranging from all the portions of the home. Apart from the appliances, it is also helping homeowners to perform several tasks with the help of “Alexa” feature.

The idea of controlling the appliances through distance from a smartphone is attracting everyone in the community.

The homeowners are looking to install different tech gadgets based on their needs in different areas of the home both interior and exterior.

The trend for this feature is expected to be at a much higher rate than everyone else and is here to stay for a longer period.

The remodeling experts especially home improvement contractors in Florida recommend the common people to renovate their homes by following the trends for achieving the targets of impressing the visitors and revamping life standards.

Therefore, before any renovation plan, make your priority to take a deep analysis of current trends among the features that have been installed in large numbers by the homeowners all over the world.

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