Bats are small rat-like birds that are usually found in attics of buildings. This is precise because the female bats find the attic safe to reproduce and nurture their young.

The major challenge is that once a bat finds your roof comfortable enough, it attracts a colony of other bats, and before you know it, your roof is filled with families of bats.

image - How Attic Bats Can Destroy Your Roof's Foundation

How Attic Bats Can Destroy Your Roof’s Foundation

Apart from the noise, they will likely make, the population of bats in your attic may not have been a significant problem if not for the fact that they wrought substantial damages to your property and pose a danger to your health.

Attic bats can damage your roof, and here is how they can destroy your roof’s foundation.

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  1. Bats Produces a Lot of Waste

One of the significant reasons why bats weaken your roof’s foundation is because they produce a large number of waste droppings. You can only imagine the waste droppings of several hundreds of bats will look like at a single location.

These waste droppings aside from the odor they generate, and the microorganisms they carry, which can transmit zoonotic diseases, also cause a weakness in the certain parts of your roof.

Thus, making it unsafe for humans and to ensure permanent residence in your attic for the bats.

Another problem caused by these bats is that the waste droppings they leave on your attic attract insects who feed on them.

However, these insects don’t feed on bat droppings alone. They also feed on the woods that make up your attic and serve as the foundation of your roof.

Over time, it will cause your attic to weaken and become unsafe; this is why it is necessary to solve any attic bat problem before it degenerates.

To remove bats in your attic, you should seek professional help from service providers like Nuisance Wildlife Pros, who are experts at eliminating attic bats and making your home safe again by disinfecting the area.

  1. Corrode the Metal Frames of Your Roof

One of the major problems with the waste droppings accumulated by bats is that over time, the waste decomposes and causes the corrosion of your metal roofing.

When this happens, the frames are weakened and can cause your roof to fall off if you do nothing about it.

Corrosion happens when the decomposing of the waste causes a release of gases that facilitates rust and decay. The stress on the metal frames due to the presence of several bats in your attic can also be a significant reason for corrosion.

The early sign of corrosion is when your roof begins to leak any time it rains. Should you notice this, you have to critically check your roof to make sure bats are not the problem.

Corrosion can also cause your metal frames to begin to rust earlier than necessary, which explains why you have to do anything within your power to eradicate bats from your attic. You can go here to read more about bat removal.

  1. Cause Fire Accident (Odor Methane)

The presence of bats in your attic can destroy your roof’s foundation and cause accumulation of harmful gases, such as methane, from decomposing waste.

These gases are highly combustible and can lead to fire accidents, which will burn off your roof and cause property loss and property damage.

Combustion can also increase heat in your roof. Over time, the heat will end up causing a series of chemical reactions that promote decay and ultimately damage to your roof.

One of the first things to watch out for if you have bats in your attic is the pungent odor associated with methane smell and regular gas.

Once you suspect or confirm such odors are coming from the roof, you should avoid lighting fire in the house so that a fire accident will not occur.

It would be best if you find a solution to this issue urgently to bring an end to the impending danger.  Click here to see a step by step guide on how to clean bat guano inside an attic.

  1. Cause Water Leaks

As the population of bats increases in your attic, it also attracts other animals and insects to create a perfect ecological environment for the survival of the bats.

All this will work to the detriment of your roof, and before long, you will most likely begin to experience water leaks.

The water leaks would happen as a result of the several damages to important pipes that pass through your attic and because of tiny holes that might be created from the animals’ feeding habits in your roof.

The problem with water leaks due to bats is that they are usually created unevenly. This makes the water leaks often hard to fix and may require you to completely change the roof’s foundation.

So always clean and clear out your attic periodically to prevent bats infestation and save you from the stress of dealing with bats and their attendant effects.

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A lot can happen if you overlook the presence of bats in your attic. Attic bats damage and weaken your roof systematically due to their waste droppings.

Bat waste poses a lot of dangers to your roof and health, not to mention that it can also cause a fire outbreak.

You should always call for professional bat removal service once you notice signs of a bat infestation; you will be glad you did, and most importantly it will also save your roof.